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  1. Indeed, I trying to block.. and also delete... but you know human are always wanting more... and foolish as I self feel guilty for her when I am young time. I am the one go missing first. Yup she indeed choose her fate to go another path. She divorce due to she and her 3 kids continuous abusive receive from her husband.
  2. I am not married for money... just that family business stated the share can only disburse after I reach a certain age.
  3. thanks for the advice … as this related to a Will from family business. Therefore, I not able to divorce at this moment. I did mention when I 50 years old, then I will married her, she smile but did not mention no / yes and then migrate to UK to settle down with her till we get old (that the hinting part). 13 years can be short and can be long. Things change. and she truly love me I will be with her and as for my wife as she will be then at her 40s to 50, I will have sufficient fund for her to be finance freedom but worried she will feel negative or worst case suicide. Only solution is
  4. I am married man (37 years old) with 2 kids and a lovely wife who love wife to her best. Both of us assist each other to achieve financial freedom. In 2015, I found out that the girl (woman) I love very deeply with 3 kids was divorced and been struggling to gather herself up. Initially, first 3 years of her divorce, I started off short texting to ask she alright or not (to show care and concern). Deeply inside me, I feel guilty as I can actually be the one to be beside her and she will not be in the state of divorce. Reason I got over of her in the past, is because, I am shy and timid
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