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  1. The material is not for this work, but another. And my business relation is not with the owner or something I have no "professional power" over her, its different, but I have to drop there from time to time as an artist, not the bar staff and because of the guests.
  2. I'm very sure can find the material for her to use it for years and very easily. I just have a link. So not, I was not lying. I just told it that way.
  3. I asked for the painting, she was not able to sell it to me, since it was already sold to a random buyer, but she told me that she can paint a copy specially for me. I still wait for the copy, its not ready. That's our deal. So I wait. And I texted her because of our conversations, not because of the deal. About the material, she told me that she struggles to find it and that she tried to find it but wthout success. So I told her, that I may try to find something but I can not promess anything. That was all about it. I rly wanna help her actually. Her art is truly amazing and I can find this s
  4. I have her fb. But thats my post about - she does not respond there (ok, only on this last message, I never messaged her again after ignoring it). Otherwise she is friendly and open but not on social media. I just wonder If its better to just talk to her few times before asking her out. I'm into art as well. And when I asked her what she likes into art she even told me my field... witch is strange, since my art field is very narrow and I'm probably the only famous person with that in my home country. I can only guess if she tried to investigate me. I never told her what king of art I practice.
  5. Well, I have no choose. I have business with that bar because of one of my jobs. So will have to go there from time to time. So ya, its very possible that I will meet her again.
  6. Thank you for the answers, just two things: 1. I wanted to buy the painting before even knowing her. So I never did this deal just to date her or something. 2. I gave her comic book because she liked it, not because I want to hook her is some way, it would be stupid to thing that this is possible. Maybe she view it the same was as you, but I never did it for that reason. So its maybe that I "overshowed" my interest in this last meeting of ours. But anyway should I try to even reach her by going there? Should I try something else? Should I just ask her out? Should I just do noting? If it
  7. Got into a situation I cant understand. I was in a bar with a friend and there was a lady bartender. In the bar there were a lot of paintings - an exhibition - and I was astonished by them. Was looking them all the time. At the end I wanted to know if they are for sale. Before leaving I asked the bartender if I can buy one of the paintings, since I liked them a lot. She answered me that they are all her creation. I was stunned. So I got her contacts in order to buy one of the paintings and to set the deal on the next night. So I went to the bar again. The conversation was great: it happens tha
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