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  1. But he didn't do anything wrong to me, it was all my fault. And it's been years so I moved on and it's not ruining my life. I would just really like the chance to try again, I'm like a whole different person. I'm in a place where I can handle it if it doesn't work out. We were suited in a lot of ways and that's why I'm thinking about him. That and he was good to me in general. I'm just not sure what he's thinking or how I could go about it. Thanks for your reply anyway!
  2. Soo I met him in like 2010. He was super sweet, we had things in common and nobody has treated me nicer. However I was in my early 20's and very messed up from past experiences. We moved pretty fast and moved in together after a few months. We had some really good times,but in general I was depressed and didn't know how to deal with my issues so I was an awful girlfriend. I wasn't working, he was, I would sit around all day and I didn't look after the house. I didn't cool for him, I didn't ever really appreciate him or think about him. Hell I could barely look after myself and was neglect
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