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  1. Thank you Rose Mosse. Did you mean if I don't remain cordial? Both! :( No, June has just made me realise what I need to do. Honestly I would love to start something with her - if only to get that feeling back. But i know I must do it the right way. I am not over the top at work. Sometimes I avoid her as well! I am trying to just keep it cool... My wife and I have spoken many times. The cards are on the table. I want it to be amicable but it won’t be. She gets very angry and I am concerned for her. This is part of the reason I have not left yet. When (not if atm) it
  2. Rose Mosse - You have put this better than I ever could. Thank you. I am not defending my actions and nothing physical has happened but everyone deserves love and to be loved. I haven't got that and I guess I am looking for June to fill that gap. I think they call in an emotional affair. I can hand-on-heart say that I have tried to make things right with my wife but there comes a point where things have to change. June was the catalyst for me realising how I truly felt about my wife. Sometimes you don't even realise the situation you are in... Is June right for me?? It would appear
  3. Thanks All! It's not a game to me. I guess i have a decision to make re my current relationship. We have been married twelve years and it has been tough. I haven't even looked at another women for all that time but it wasn't until I met June and she showed some interest in me that I realised that I no longer loved my wife. If I am going to leave my wife it would be for June. However if June is not interested anymore it makes it harder. The right thing to do is probably leave my wife so that we can both be happy and get on with our live (June or no June)... And yes, i am getting obs
  4. True , but don't women want what they can't get? Or do you think she is just starting to give up now as it is not achievable? When i told her I would likely be splitting up from my wife it did not make her want me more...
  5. The story so far… I am unhappily married and she has a boyfriend whom she is frustrated with, however….. Jan 2019 - June (not her real name) started at my work (a school) – I am senior to her. The attraction was instant between us and we would send nice messages to each other… March 2019 – I had helped her out by writing a reference for a job at work. She WhatsApp’d me and my wife saw. She was not pleased. I ended up telling June that she could not WhatsApp me anymore. Things went quiet for a bit and then we started flirting again. April 2019 – At a works do. We were chatting,
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