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  1. hello thanks for the advice!, I know I am not obligated and I dont mind , neither does she. But I,m nervous!.I dont know hows he turned out to be, even though we happend to meet by chance once in a while in between.Why do you think I have been unreasonable with her?.
  2. Me and my best mate were pretty close in senior high, but he changed a bit, turned out to be a big jock type, smooth talking and went on moving on from one girl to the other, used to flirt up our teachers, who would respond in Kind and was having many gfs.He was like 6.4 , not bad looking and had noo issues chatting women up, while I on the other hand was a one girl type, crushed on one girl all throught and never acted on it.It was like suddenly he outgrew me and I was kindoff feeling resentful about it.He was also not an open guy, had his own private life, once he had an affair with his neig
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