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  1. The reason I can’t afford therapy right now, but can afford a house is because of my budget. I budgeted more for the house and haven’t quite reached what I needed for therapy. Even the house budget, my boyfriend contributes the most because he has a high paying job. Honestly I haven’t put therapy as high up in properties as I needed to. I am doing that now. Also the house is a townhome, not an actual house so it’s cheaper
  2. Rose this is one of the most thoughtful responses I could’ve gotten, so I thank you for that. I love him. Like any relationship we have ups and downs. Some weeks we’re a little out of sync, but we try our best to communicate through it. We fit so well together, we make each other laugh, we handle problems together well. We’re both aware of our youth but also both of us are working towards building a better future for the other. He knows I have baggage and is always willing to help me when I need it. He was the first stable thing I’ve had in my life. I know I don’t deserve him now, but more t
  3. I’ve lived with my boyfriend for a year now. We both work full time and go to school part time. My parents kicked me out because they are religious and strict and one day when I was 18 I told my dad I was going to a family member’s house without asking and he through all of my things in trash bags so I had to move. My dad had trust issues with me after he caught me when I was eleven “talking” to an adult male. Of course this man was a pedophile and most people wouldn’t blame me, but my dad believed I was mature enough and should’ve known better idk Therapy is expensive where I live, insur
  4. I’m 20(f) I have been with my boyfriend for over three years now and we are about to buy a house together. We’re high school sweethearts and he’s been a guiding light through me getting kicked out of my parents house, my pedophilic abuser trying to come back into my life after six years, and throughout my struggles with depression. One night after a party with some friends, I got very drunk. To the point where I don’t remember much. From what i recalled, I spent the night watching movies while my boyfriend slept. There was a broken glass that must’ve been me and it jogged my memory. When
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