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  1. A sincere thank you to all for providing your advice and opinions... It has been a great help to me, as I wasn't sure if I was blowing it out of proportion or if most would feel a bit freaked out by this as I am. Thanks again.
  2. I have been dating a women for several weeks for what seems to be a perfect match for me. The other night on a phone conversation she stated that in her past she had a continuing relationship with two football players where they all had sex together at the same time. Her tone was one of delight and excitement...and she even asked if I wanted to hear the details, which I promptly declined. This is really bothering me, at I wouldn't even want to watch a porno of two guys with one woman. Kept me up all night it bothered me so... I am at a crossroads...Should I be afraid that she will want this in the future? This is a action I am morally and emotionally against, if not repulsed...should I continue with this relationship or just kindly bow out? What's more, during the same conversation she stated she had many friends/couples when she was married that wanted to swing with them, which she said she was strongly against. I totally agree. I am not a prude, for sure, but isn't two guys having sex with one girl no different than a mini-orgy. I mean, if I am so freaked out by this, can I go forward? Would appreciate any advice and direction from guys and gals...Thanks...
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