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  1. Thank you for all your help. I don't believe the message at all... my only question is... can this thing actually affect our relationship moving forward at all, like a little stain or cloud? Or would it not have any effect at all? Just don't want our wonderful harmony stained by something that could be anything from anyone. Thanks again, let me know your thoughts
  2. I did not think that angle before. I do have guy "friends" who definitely might be jealous and have mentioned that i'm a lucky guy etc. I've never had any reason to ever suspect she would cheat on me. very helpful to get other viewpoints, thank you
  3. no neither of us are from texas and don't know anyone in texas. seems like a burner phone number
  4. I was facetiming my gf because right now we are doing a long distance relationship due to work... have been doing it exactly 1 year...Total of a 4.5 yr relationship anyway during facetime, I get a text message from a random number, from a different state, that says "your gf is cheating on you" "she's on dating websites and has you in her pictures" then this person gives details about a picture which exists and one would have to know about it to be familiar with the details. This picture is not on my facebook but it is in her facebook. the person's text message continues and says
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