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  1. Definitely this guy is not your cup of tea=) He just manipulating you. Probably, when he mentioned about another girl, he tried to get jealousy feelings from you. Let us sum up, you don't take positive sides of love from him. Stop hurting yourself. Move on.
  2. If you are really upset about his behavior, try to find out the reason for it. When you realize it, most likely you will find somebody else on his place in your soul.
  3. Is she a pope? It will be so difficult to find one whose speech is beautiful and trustful. Just relax and look at her actions. If she will repeat missing your invites - she isn't interested in you.
  4. Dude, you just should get relax and forget her forever. She isn't interested in you.
  5. If she didn't found somebody else - she definitely continues the talk with you in a few weeks or months.
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