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  1. Ah God I am sorry to hear that. But I am not surprised to hear it based on what you have said. Forget about him for a moment. What do YOU want in your life as a woman at this age of your life? You don't seem very happy missy and possibly realising you are settling for a guy who is 'sweet 'and 'folds your laundry' and is 'nice to you'... Is that really what you want? I sense you are quite a passionate person. With a lot to give. BTW am not trying to be facetious but you can: A: play a cleaner to do the laundry. B: I imagine a lot of your friends have already told yo
  2. Well that's super news! Everything you have written above sounds really positive. Maybe you need to test the waters and be a bit more affectionate to him in social situs or at home. There's nothing wrong with you being the dominant one. He's clearly working with you and loves you and is open to working together on it, so you don't need to feel insecurity in this. He will probably respect you for it. Helping him out so to speak. Men find it tough to and there is huge pressure on them to take the lead in the sexual side of things. When he's cooking dinner or just watching a movie or such,
  3. Can I be so bold to ask... Kissing and hugging aside. Are you happy in bed with him? Do you feel you are on the same wavelength? Or does this issue move into the bedroom and always has been same?
  4. He sounds like a good lad. (But don't get used to the laundry thing ;) (Can you send him over to my place?) Would you sit down and have a serious heart to heart with him? Tell him what's bugging you? Have you brought it up seriously before with him?
  5. Never said you were. But the examples you offered were of people who are in their 80's-90's. And justified that as they are old it's ok as you have never seen them hug once, but as they are still alive and together - it's normal. Totally irrelevant to the OPs situ.
  6. That's pretty normal for a guy in his early 30's. But hate to break it to you, but this isn't going to get him the get out of jail free card re. why he is not making you happy in your wants and needs.
  7. Anyway back to the point in hand. And the Ingalls and Jim Bob aside... OP. So you say he's always been like this pretty much? What do you like about him? What made you say 'Yes!" Come on spill the beans about what makes him float your boat? :) He must be a pretty decent fella otherwise for you to date him for 4 years and agree to marry him... :)
  8. Absolutely! But, no offence, try and see things from the OP's generation possibly?
  9. Sorry but you are referring to people who are twice the OP's age. It's a different generation and doesn't make it right. Just because you are used to being around people who are not affectionate doesn't make it the norm for the OP - or acceptable. From the OP's post it's clear she is unhappy in her current situ with her fella who is clearly uptight in his ability to express himself sexually/lovingly and in a tactile way to those most important to him - aka his future wife, his mother, family etc. She deserves a guy who is going to make her feel sexy, wanted, desirable, etc from an action
  10. Ok, cool. Thanks. So how long have you been with him and was he like this always?
  11. And what age are you if you don't mind me asking?
  12. That's totally different. That's just basic manners and self respect for himself more importantly. Was he brought up in a ditch? Thinking you can change his personality type/make up and demeanour is a whole different ball game. And one which you will lose. I am sensing you are very young and engaged quickly/haven't dated many people?
  13. No it's not 'normal'. Your Fiancé is in the minority. Was he like this all the time? Or only since you got engaged? If he was the former, why are you engaged to him? You can't change anyone, nor should you try. That's a big red flag for me that you think you can. If he's like this now, it's going to get a LOT worse if you get married to him. This is a time you both should be enjoying being engaged and sorry to be crude: but ripping the knickers off each other. Marriage is tough and over the years the sex diminishes without effort on both parts. If you are not happy now, y
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