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  1. Im not sure, I dont have the money to move away from my verbally abusive father right now. I told my other family members about him and they weren't really understanding, my family isn't super close eighter and the only people I talk to are people at work but i don't share personal stuff with them. I think of losing weight but sometimes i get so depressed I lack motivation.
  2. I was just on Facebook last night and I have these people in my friends that i went to school with and some are guys, we dont talk or anything but I made a post asking "if a woman you met on a dating site looked like her pics and you thought she was good looking, would you still see her again if she asked you if she looked like her pics and thought she was attractive and she seemed worried about you thought of her cause she's been hurt in the past, would that turn you off or make you not want to see her again?" A handful of guys like 5 answered and they said no they would still give her a seco
  3. Because guys especially the men on reddit are always talking about how looks matter in dating . I see all kinds of women in relationships though not just super models. I even see below average lpoking people dating hot people then i worry about being uglier than all the people im dating or possibly hideous .
  4. So basically even if you thought the guy was good looking or looked as good as his pics you would still probably be creeped out if he did those things basically?
  5. Is it possible a couple of these guys said "im not bad looking " or not too bad looking" cause I asked them more than once about my looks to where they got a little tired of it so they said something slightly negative? Is it also possible these guys or at least some thought i looked as good as my pics but once they met me despite knowing already about my past rejections, they stopped finding me attractive because of the negative energy or vibe i may be putting out or the question asking? Since you said it's not really about looks?
  6. Yea I'll get into therapy and yes I do work. I work at a grocery store. I did however ask casually some guys if they found a girl attractive in person then would they find it offputting to where they dont want a second date with her if she asks how she looks or if shes attractive and they all said no they wouldn't find it offputting. I didnt tell them about my dating life or whatever this was just a quick post on Askmen on reddit about if they would find it offputting but they said no. I believe i need to work on my self esteem but I just was curious to see for sure if men really did find it a
  7. Fyi I do have interests*. I can cook Mexican food and Indian food and Thai food pretty well. I also draw alot and read. I do tell my dates well usually ahead of time what my hobbies are cause we would message for like a week at the most before meeting.
  8. I should add that I don't do this on all dates and they all agree to go a first date with me anyway despite knowing about my bad experience with guys beforehand so if its a turn off why do they still go on a first date with me anyway? I usually ask the questions of "am i pretty?" after the date and the guy friendzones me despite saying "yes" and wanting a relationship before. I only cried on 4 first dates cause i felt the guy didn't like me and was gonna reject me and then they do not long after.
  9. Maybe. I hope so I'd rather that than it be about my looks. Idk what to think when I told a couple of the dates that I try taking accurate photos and stuff like they never said my pics are misleading but i kind of get worried and i say that and one just said "im sorry" after I said "i tried taking accurate pics of myself , I was just hoping my photos arent misleading" and he replied with "im sorry" like i hope he wasnt implying that i misrepresented myself but anyway our first date was a year ago and he added me on Facebook and after chatting with me a bit thats when he said he felt terrible f
  10. The thing I don't understand is, I told some of these guys before we met in person about my bad experiences with men and they still agreed to meet up in person so if it's a turn off why do they still agree to meet up for a first date?. I mean i don't beg them to meet me i just share my negative experiences and ask if im pretty and they say yes and these are guys that messaged me first but anyway why do some still go on a first date with me? Pity maybe or taking adv
  11. Okay so I'm new here and i really need to vent right now. I'm 23 years old and I've been online dating off and on for 6 years now. I met a total of 15 guys in person from various dating/social sites. I have had some good luck with a few guys. I only was seeing two/dated 3 guys for one month (separate times of course) and one of the guys i dated for a short time was bisexual and the other was more like a friend's with benefits type situation but we didn't fool around or have sex we just made out and held hands and cuddled and went out to eat. The other guy was a Christian and I only saw him lik
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