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  1. Thank you. And I will try to get him to address these issues with me. Have been saving up In case I do have to leave. I am listed on the lease only his income was used. They want him present do a walk through and me do a new lease. He not doing that either.
  2. I can afford all this on my own and have been for the past few months now. The ring hasn’t been worn in awhile he’s been acting weird and strange behavior for almost a year. He does not or will not talk about feeling and all that. Hates when I do especially if I start crying. The bills I can’t do anything until out of his name. My thing is if he wants the relationship over do what I need to be done and we move on. Some guy friends told me that he could be doing this to have a way back into my life. He may have some one and I’m like the backup girl still until he knows for sure she is the one or whatever. My thing being engaged how can he find some one so soon? I’m sure it’s to help avoid feeling anything from our break up. Not right if another girl is in the picture makes me think he never really cared at all about me.
  3. We are in our late 30’s. I have tried to talk to him about doing what needs to be done to put everything in my name. Avoids it all together or tells me it’s fine like it is. I do feel he has meet someone else as he was chatting with females before leaving. I would like to return my engagement ring back and get an important item back from him. He won’t talk to me about that. At the moment I have not contacted him at all since he broke my heart. If he is serious on ending things don’t understand why we can’t get everything taken care of and exchange and go on with our lives.
  4. My boyfriend and I had a long serious relationship, lived together during this time. He recently moved leaving important stuff behind, the bills and our house in his name. After being gone for a month he started to act distant to telling me he wanted to break up. It has been a few months since this happened. . We have still talked some during this time. He finally told me he was trying to make a clean break from all this and no chance we will ever have a romantic relationship again. He wants to remain being friends. Last week he told me the break up and everything was all him, and realized the relationship was not healthy for me at all. He still calls me by the pet name he gave me. Will not even talk to me about exchanging back the sentimental items that were agreed to be returned if we broke up. What does all this mean?
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