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  1. He was so sure of the feelings towards me. Like he was making a lot of plans, we were texting for hours etc. He was so into me. Now i feel like I am not his priprity anymore. During videocalls he was always very chatty and cute and in the last one he was very weird and looked tired. He kept asking me to get undressed or dance for him. That behaviour just disappointed me.
  2. Thank you. You really changed my mood. I was feeling so down and now i feel refreshed, but I still feel so much confusion. Like, i don't want to lose him and he does not want to lose me as well. But it just confuses me that he wants to put me aside as his "special person "but at the same time getting in touch in a "sexual" or "romantic" way with others online. The idea just drives me crazy because I don't want to be put aside. I just want to be the one as he is for me at the moment. Of course, we never met but it is so hard to imagine myself without him making me feel special as in the past
  3. Yes,but the problem is that now I like him as well. I got to know other parts of him which were really interesting.He also tells me he has got for me a desire that goes Beyond sex. So,we both kinda like eachother. But I feel like I should quit replying to his texts and tell him straight away what i feel about this whole thing and take a firm stance.
  4. You are right,though. I think that if you truly like someone there is no need to test it. But I do really believe that he feels something for me,but he is a guy who overthinks. I proposed him friendship. He told me that he could never see me as a friend. But at the same time,tells me we can be friends who can flirt through WhatsApp and then once we meet up everything is gonna be clearer. I don't understand. I wasted so much time. But i can't get him off my mind. Like all these months and then he comes out with this ?
  5. Hi guys, I am a bisexual man in his twenties. Two years ago a guy contacted me in a very flirty way so i got interested and agreed to have a videocall with him. On texts he seemed to like me very much but was asking too many sexual stuff,so i simply ignored him. He kept on texting me for the last two years and i only replied to him seldomly and for half a year i even ignored him. Last year i decided to start chatting more with him to understand his mind. It was fine up until January this year when we got much closer. We were texting everyday and for hours. He was telling me that he l
  6. Guys,thank you soo much for the replies. I think this guy is a manipulator. Now scrolling back through old messages I noticed that as I tried my best to create a sort of connection,it was also ignored.He was a manipulator in a sense that I felt the need to show him part of my body during one of these calls ,because I did not want to lose him.Now I will explain,he was always nice and was ''adulating'' me because I think all he wants is internet sex. And when I rejected any of these requests,he started being vague and distant. The problem is with myself,since I have very low self esteem and I
  7. Hi,approximately 2 years ago a guy contacted me on a language exchange site telling me some interesting info about his native language. As the conversation kept going he asked, all of a sudden ,if I was gay. I said I was bi and he then quickly engaged into a sexual conversation,which was really weird cause it had no place in that particular context. I didn't reply but he gave me his skype id. About this guy: He is in his late twenties,bisexual and always flirts online ( he told me that); has no sexual experience because he lives in an oppressive country that does not accept sex out of ma
  8. I behave normally. I avoid people with whom I am sure there's a little interest towards me. I feel like I am scared of engaging into a serious relationship, hence I have never had one. I just like the very beginning stage of "falling in love " because it is nice to feel that there's someone who might be interested in you beyond friendship, but the relationship itself is not my cup of tea.
  9. Oh yeah, sorry for that. I know it doesn't mean anyything and these are all just stereotypes but people, generally speaking,live off them( no-one would suspect that) It was my bad including them and not explaining further my intention. By the way, when it comes to my 'obsession' with this guy... I don't know either. We haven't talked that much, but just the fact alone that he showed these behaviors " staring à lot, wanting to touch my arm during a conversation but withdrawing it fastly etc. Got me into him a bit. So, I was looking for someone to give me different views or tell me about simil
  10. Hi, I am a bisexual man in his early twenties who's never had any relationship before. Last year I met my friend's brother. At first I did not care about him up until I noticed that he was giving me shy glances and turn away as I looked back. A couple of months later I met him again and he was super excited to see me as well as grooming himself all the time. After that, I decided to follow him on Instagram but neither me nor him have ever sent a message. This year I met him again and I noticed that while we were talking it looked like he was about to touch me several times on my arm but r
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