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  1. oh is that how it works? Maybe it was just one of the companies or a comment I saw where they have you put money in separate bank account and that's what's really used to pay the debt. I need to do more research. So the interest is a lot then how are they helping people then.
  2. I keep hearing it's not a good idea to use them. They say they're rip offs and they don't pay your debts they make you save your own money. I have an apt. set up tomorrow with a rep and I need to know and make a decision soon. I started to use one 2 yrs ago but I've changed my money. I need some help on this please.
  3. If you read post you would see that she asked stop trying turn this post around. If someone that's close to you complains about stuff all the time you are going to know a lot about it. Don't try to create a post for yourself on mine make your own. This about my friend and her husband and his female friend he known for yrs. I don't think she should throw her marriage away for someone he doesn't even see.
  4. First of all you are wrong number 2 this man is not cheating.Why should she get mad at him he is not even cheating. It is a woman he used to have sex with when they were 20 yrs old everyone here is older now almost 50. They just stayed and remain friends. I told my friend it's no big deal. they been chatting for yrs.My friend told me one time he was around he slipped up with her and it was big mistake 5 yrs ago but since then they brought new house together, they go away together. Her husband and the woman have mutual friends.
  5. Everything is true but she is asking for my opinion. I don't know how to answer her. You're right about maybe somethings I don't know but what she shares with me but the stuff I see on my own I think he just having fun because he known her for long time so he comforts her. They just talk a lot through texting, via chat
  6. Huh.. Is my friends the only guys? what are you even talking about
  7. Ok does anyone read and still ignore. Again she asked me so if someone asked me just as I do on here you're going to get a description of what's going on. Of course she is my best friends so I am going to know even more. Did I not just say she asked me. I'm not going tell her I don't know everything but I try to compare answers.
  8. trust me I know he loves her.She is my best friend and he brought nice big house for them like 2 days after her birthday. He is trying to make things work for them.
  9. did you not see where I said she asked me for my opinion or help? So I must know somewhat of the story.
  10. My best friend have a perfect marriage.Her and her husband bee married for 10 yrs. Just 3 yrs ago they brought a nice big house in the country newly built. She feels now because they have been married so long they are getting tired of each other. She even said that he have been secretly talking to an old love from the 90's.My advice to her is that he is bored and he just chatting with her just for fun nothing big.She learned he had 2 mistresses where he lives at in there area. I don't think she should give up.The old time love he is speaking to her on a regular basis whether 3 days go by or
  11. hes the one that's unemployed I work all day
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