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  1. Well I haven’t spoken to her in 2 weeks. I sent an angry email, and it actually released all of my hurt. Today felt better, but I know I’m gonna fluctuate from day to day. She hurt me something rotten. At this point, it’s unforgivable and the mere thought of her revolts me. It’s mad how one day I fancy the pants off of her and then switch to being absolutely repelled by not just her looks, but her entire existence. Didn’t think I’d see the day.
  2. It just occurred to me who this guy is... So at the time when we were engaged, she was approached by a guy called Peter on the street and he flirted with her and she took his number. I remember getting pissed off at her for it and when she showed me a pic of him, I laughed because he looked like bearnie from the muppets show. But for some reason, she protected him and shouted at me and went totally off. So she actually cheated on me with this guy. Turns out he goes to my gym as well. I’m so furious! Why would she do this??? Thanks for your advise everyone, it’s helping!
  3. So some of you may remember the massive amounts of drama I had in my relationship with getting engaged and rings and whatnot... Well it saddens me to say that we are no longer together. I have no idea why I feel the need to tell anyone, because I feel very embarrassed by the whole ordeal, but here I am. A broken man. We split in January after 5 years of major ups and downs throughout our relationship. I love her so deeply, so madly, so intensely that I'm really struggling to cope with the whole thing. It was only a couple weeks ago that I found out she's now having sex with a guy liter
  4. We bought the ring together. She designed it herself, got it made, tried it on and witnessed the exchange of cash and she took it back to hers to show her mum, then gave it back for me to propose.. Thats how the ring is “waiting” with me lol. Not a public duty, I just need help figuring this out. @bluecastle I’m in that exact limbo. I keep thinking I’m done but I don’t want to be a failure. I’ve failed at so many things in life. I’ve always been one for trying, but everything - work, self employment, and now relationship... I at least want to make something work as I actually do really,
  5. I think I'm gonna have to wave the flag and admit that you're all correct. It's all fair judgment and I don't believe she's reading this anymore, but from the way this evenings conversation went, I don't think I want to be with her anymore. I made a comment that I hate the way she self sabotages with talks of getting a nose job, face lift, jaw shaving and so on.. I said its abuse and you're the most beautiful being on this planet... She took it as me being "judgemental" and I'm all the names under the sun again... She then deletes my Whatsapp messages before reading any (no blue ticks) but
  6. ^i already stated in an earlier post that she said I should research online if what I did was wrong and see that I’m not normal and I said I’ll take it to a forum as I couldn’t find anything on google and she said “if it turns out I’m wrong (her), we are finished”, basically. I did say this a page before. She was fully aware of this from the start. The result would then be taken into her hands. If people agreed with me, she’d leave as “we are on a different wavelength”. Life’s about compromise.. So no. Not stirring the pot. It was agreed.
  7. I often get this when she wants control. I do something or she hears something she doesn’t agree with and then there are disproportionate consequences. Mud slinging. It’s simple deflection of responsibilities.
  8. I don’t use social media. I have FB and Insta accounts, but they’ve been mostly unused for over a year due to contractual reasons in my work. I only really use them to browse and as a point, I don’t like sharing my dirty laundry. Here it’s fine as it’s somewhat faceless and I just want to work out my own brain. I don’t know where my head is on this at all. I’ve known her since college (15 years ago), and over the last 5 years being with her, I love her deeply. Even during our breaks, I stayed completely faithful. Didn’t even sniff at another woman. Same can’t be said with her, but hey, we were
  9. She called me and asked why I picked up the phone. She started laughing at my answer so I just hung up. I text her “good night xXx” and she replied “I will 100% not be making contact until you’ve got a grip“ Edit She called again just now and saw my post and said “I’m going to comment on everything and really open up about you”. Fine. Go for it.
  10. My reaction if she did it to me? Nothing... she would be in the moment and I knew she would be listening to me anyway and would give me an answer.... I don’t react to petty situations like this. I find it very endearing seeing someone enjoy themselves. Fact is, I was humming before she was talking so technically she disturbed me lol.. Is that not rude? Don’t answer, stupid question. Still can’t see what I did as being rude but it is clear to me that some would. I completely read the situation wrong but I don’t believe for a second I did wrong. I was in the moment that I thought she was
  11. You’re missing the point as to why I was humming. It was in context to our situation and I believed she was in the moment with me as she was giving me critique on the song. I was humming before she starting talking and while I was in the moment; I lacked the ability to stop as I was so elated. Stick it into that context rather than me humming without reason or out of a situational context, then I still don’t think I’m in the wrong. I was totally in the moment. The putting me down when I’m happy had been going on for a while now and every time I address it with her, she shuts me down as if s
  12. She didn't get the job. I do feel for her as she wants something soon, but on the same merit, I am relieved. I'm actually trying to see if I'm going mad. We do totally know how to push each others buttons, but she picks the most stupid, tiniest little things to fly off the handle. I can't be bothered with the drama. I hate the drama... She has a habit of starting things and I always look like the bad guy for ending things heavy-handedly. In recent times however, I've learned to cool right down and I don't shout anymore, I don't rise to the occasion. If she needs space, hey presto she'
  13. My girlfriend / soon to be fiancé said to me that I'm crazy and has been shouting at me and calling me names regarding this situation, which I believe is really nothing, but to her, it's a massive deal. I just don't understand why? So I used to be a music producer until I got dropped from my record label 5 years ago, and since then, I lost my touch with music due to confidence reason after being dropped. I've been practising again for the last couple months and I'm finally happy that I've achieved a song production that I can say is back to my standards. It took a while to get there and I'm
  14. Well her answer to me is "I wasn't invited to your cousins wedding, so they're scum". It sounds like slight revenge. She wasn't invited because it was a very small event and it was nearest and dearest. The on'y plus ones were members who are married. The wedding was 2 weeks ago and it's my cousins choice, not hers, even though I did ask my cousin if she could come. Just feels very one-sided and ultimately horrible that there is no rules for her and then a hundred rules for me.
  15. Hi, I feel really angry, although my girlfriend (soon to be fiancé) doesn't see why I should be and in-turn, has become angry at me for being angry at her. Long story short... My girlfriend has applied for a job at a company that she knows full well the history of the feud between my family (cousins) and them. The owner was business partners with my cousin, and basically, they stole almost a million pounds and my cousins took them to court. The money they lost, caused my family to lose their house and sell two offices. My cousins luckily won the court case and are back on track. N
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