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  1. I have been with my boyfriend for 3 months (known each other for 2 years). Things have been perfect between us; the conversation never stops, we constantly want to be around each other, and he’s the sweetest most thoughtful guy ever....I get butterflies every time he touches or looks at me. Welp...I’m realizing there is no such thing as perfect. I discover that my BF has an after dark twitter account. He tweets about sex and and retweets porn links, that’s not what bothers me. The issue I have is that he post photos of his penis and videos of him masturbating and cumming. It gets worse....he converses with people under these posts about sexual things they would do. BOTH WOMEN AND MEN. I have no issues that he did this before we are together, however his posting has not stopped since with got together. I feel like this is low key cheating...cyber cheating. What do I do? How do I bring this up to him? I don’t want this to be the demise of our relationship.
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