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  1. That was a HUGE typo. He GOT officially divorced (after being separated) this past May. He is not married.
  2. To clarify, we had meetings in place but I ended up having to work, and then my grandmother fell down the stairs. I was the one who had to cancel. He was so excited to meet me. He tried equally or even harder than me. My username was the Damien Rice song that was playing at the time I created this account. It is hard for me to feel that because our rushed 2 hour interaction wasn’t amazing, there should be no hope ever for us, and what we had wasn’t real. Because that is not what I felt or know to be true. I really appreciate the time you’ve given my situation. It means a lot.
  3. Thank you for your advice. If I knew me, I would tell myself that he overanalyzed our situation and wasn’t able to just try again. I don’t like that quality in a man. It clearly, after all this, made me very hurt. Very uncalm. I didn’t want it all and want it yesterday. I love our independence. I love our distance. We are in a place in our lives where we would have been able to heal a bit and date slowly, see each other a couple or a few times each month and develop something in person, slowly and naturally. This would have been lovely to me. Slow, sweet, natural flow. That is why I am ups
  4. He had a lot of issues with me being engaged. He was hurt over it. We worked through it by communicating well. But it was very difficult for him and I would say the hardest part of our situation was him not wanting to be the cause of my breakup (he wasn’t) while also being there for me. He wanted me to heal, and I him. He would say we were going to be good for each other, the way we balanced through these times of turmoil. But it was not simple. Once we developed real feelings, the fact that I was engaged was something we had to work through deeply.
  5. I’ve been attached for some time. He’s also been attached. It’s not from this date that the attachment has formed. Losing him is like losing a real and true relationship in my life. We very much cared for each other. But there’s a secondary feeling of losing him after him meeting me that makes it feel so final. That makes me feel like we can’t even take some space and try again in 6 months, when we’ve both had time. My mind runs through scenarios where he took one look at me and ran for the hills even though he’s seen me many times, or like I was just so awful in person he couldn’t bare to giv
  6. Thank you for all these compassionate and thoughtful words. I recognize that I am in a manic frantic state right now, but there are a few things I know to be true. I did not leave my fiancé for him. And also, I didn’t even let him know I was unhappy at first. We unfolded naturally in sharing. I am the National Event Director for a singles club, I meet tons of people and always have, both socially and professionally. I have never connected with anyone like I did here. I know that feeling was mutual. He would also ask me for validation up until very recently. He even deleted himself off all dat
  7. I so appreciate you helping me and reading through all of this. I have been a complete wreck and can really use your advice. I am 32, NY. He is 38, CT. I met a guy online by accident. That's a story in itself. He lives 2.5 hours away from me, he has a kid, he got out of a 13 year relationship by getting officially divorced this May. I am able to work remotely. We are both attractive and attracted to each other, but we developed an unreal and very natural soul connection immediately. It had lust and love and sweetness and creativity and we both felt it almost immediately. It took me complete
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