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  1. I`m happy with the quality of our sex, it´s always good and actually she gets off also with very high % of the times. This might be because I never try to pressure her if she does not want it, I rather try to make her want it. Of course because of this issue I sometimes accidentally put pressure to her, but I apologize if I realize what happened. Yeah I have to watch porn 3 times a day.. but to be honest that makes me depressed. I would watch my woman every time rather than porn to get off. I cant get off with my imagination, tried it back in days and it was impossible to get turned on..
  2. bluecastle: Thanks for your input again. I have to say, I`m even more shocked to gain your perspective here than getting that comment from wiseman. I`m not seeing women as people? That`s just not true, not at all. I`m not buying the gifts and treating her well only to get sex. I do it to be a good man for her. Of course, I have expectations also and sex is a major one of them but they are not linked together to how I treat her. I would never want to have sex with her unless she wants it also. I don`t want that kind of sex from her. I just know she used to want me a lot more than atm. I h
  3. Man, I have absolutely no idea what makes you say that. Thatwasthen asked if I masturbate, and the section you quoted was an answer to that question. It was a fun fact about how much I need sex, nothing more. It had absolutely nothing to do with my partner. Honestly that was a bit shocking. I love her, she is not a medication for me of any sort. If you believe you know what this is all about, please tell me why they lose interest in me?
  4. Waywardkiwi: What you wrote is true, sex causes breakdowns of my relationships, and the craving grows and piles up to cause disturbance in other areas of my relationships as well. I have actually tried, I mean really tried, to find peace with having less sex during this relationship because there is so much good in us other than sex, but I have failed many times. I have just become grumpy and bitter during those attempts, failing to truly find the peace. Maybe it has been because that my objective during those attempts has not been what I truly want, and forcing myself to want something else j
  5. I didn`t finish college a few years ago.. As I said I lived in student apartment during my first long relationship, and all 3 have been 3-4 years and there has also been time between them.. I`m not young anymore. You are right about emphasizing in connection also, we have a good connection in my opinion other than this issue. It`s very sad if my partner sees our sex boring / stale, I hope that`s not the case since she could have it any way she wishes and she knows it. Thanks for your time, keeping it real.
  6. Thank you all for your answers, I`m glad you took time to give them. Wiseman: I do atleast 50% of our household chores. I treat her well, and our relationship is well balanced other than sex. I`m actually the one who gets up from sofa to get her something to drink most often. I`m also doing my best to consider her moods. Batya: I have made a compromise concerning sex; I wanted to have sex every day, but I have accepted the fact that it is not possible for her so I don`t expect it. Every 2nd day is my expectation. Andrina: I have come across that fear during these years; I can`t find
  7. Hi, I`m going through a really hard phase in my relationship of about 3 years. Or actually, I have been in two 3-4 year long relationships before this one, making this my 3rd long term relationship where I have moved in together with someone and shared my whole life with. This hard phase though is something i`m drastically familiar with, and I can`t even really call it a phase anymore. It`s something else, it`s like an universal rule in my life it seems. It seems to be that for many others too, from what I read and hear from time to time. So what is this, and does it really have to be this
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