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  1. I've finally figured it out and have finalized my Spring Semester so thank you for the feedback!
  2. I am trying to carve out my Spring semester classes and part of my prerequisites is taking Anatomy and Physiology but I prefer not to take them both during the same semester given the level of difficulty and time required for Anatomy. My other option is to take Anatomy in the Spring and Physiology in the Summer and take either Psychology or Intercultural Communications alongside Anatomy in the Spring. Keep in mind I am already carrying a full-time course load during the Spring semester. Does anyone have any experience with either psych courses or intercultural communications and if so, what's your opinion on taking one over the other alongside Anatomy? I've spoken with my school counselor and peer advisor but I also thought it might be a good idea to check around before deciding.
  3. "How do all these happy couples seem to find each other?" Try not to let outwardly appearances be a measure of what constitutes happiness. (that's a little nugget of wisdom that was told to me once)
  4. I'm very sorry to hear about the passing of your beloved dog. I know how hard it must have been for you to say goodbye. Reaching out to others and talking about it tends to help. I think what helped me the most was my dog that I have now that I adopted about year before my cat passed away. We really do have a different type of relationship with our furry ones that are so meaningful to our entire life. I hope you find comfort, little by little...
  5. Right. If your Vitamin D levels are below range a very high dose of Vitamin D is typically prescribed (if I remember correctly it was for two days) followed by regular supplementation. I was told when Vitamin D levels are exceptionally low that diet/exercise/lifestyle alone won't help. I know when it's low it can cause your body to feel like you've been hit with a sledge hammer and it does affect mood so thought it might be worth mentioning. Hope you get to the bottom of it!
  6. I had similar too last year and the doctors ran tons of tests. Turned out to be low levels of Vitamin D. Did you have those checked?
  7. Today I asked my mother if we could clean up some of her clutter and her response to me was that "she does not want to talk about it". I pay for the housing and bills so I should be able to have a clean living space. I just have such contempt for her and I'm counting the days that I don't have to deal with her. (end rant)
  8. Rental storage pods are also an option if your property allows it and that way he can have his personal belongings nearby. Or, maybe if you have a shed or extra space in the garage? But I concur, it's not fair it encroaches on your living space either. The effects of hoarding on other family members also has to be taken into consideration.
  9. Yes, Covid makes things a bit limiting, unfortunately. I'll check out some of your other suggestions. Good stuff, thanks!
  10. I've been along the Pacific Coast Highway years ago, it's quite beautiful. There's definitely not a shortage of landmarks to visit in the area. Hope you get to see the Pacific Coast Highway one day! :)
  11. Hmm. I like that idea 🙂. A change of scenery would be nice and a good way to recharge.
  12. Thanks! I would love to travel to another country but there's not much time before next Semester (plus with Covid). I'm hoping to do some traveling at the end of next Semester though but a lot of that depends on where things are with Covid. I want to avoid burnout (which I started to feel towards the end of this Semester). So, I'm thinking maybe use the time that I do have to decompress/unwind but also prepare for the upcoming Semester. Thought I'd see if anyone had any strategies or things that worked for them in the past.
  13. How do you make the best use of time after finishing a semester before starting a new one?
  14. I have a daily log I created and I check off each day things I enjoy doing and things I want to accomplish outside of school/work. I find doing that ritual beneficial with keeping me focused and motivated. Good luck!
  15. I can only speak on behalf of the symptoms I've experienced (that sound similar) but mine were a result of cervical arthritis and cervical degenerative disc. Physical therapy has helped somewhat with pain management and mobility and I'm able to do PT via video conference so maybe you can too. Hope you feel better!
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