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  1. True, didn't think about that
  2. LOL some of you are funny, if any of you were overweight you would understand. I will say yes I did this to myself its my fault, but I'm trying to change things around. The main reason I brought this buried penis up is that when doing cardio, it weird feeling like ever few mins got to stop and readjust my short/pants... and iv notice the term "Morning Wood" when waking up in the mornings Iv stop having erections like I use too, im wondering if that could be a side effect of the penis issue
  3. Every fat guys worse nightmare. Question is besides liposuction and weight loss. And underwear or strap ideas
  4. I am 29 years old, I am having problems finding the ONE... I have never dated, I was home schooled, and I don't have the social skills I believe everyone gets when they go to school. The main reason I believe I cant find anyone is due to 2 main reasons. 1- is I'm overweight around 380lbs from being a weight lifter, I got a big belly. yikes I know but that something I can work on.. the other reason 2- Its the big one is that. I'm a religious person and the way I believe is that I can only date of my same religion. there's other churches in different towns, city's and states, but I don't want t
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