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  1. I’ve already said i didnt want sex and he said it was fine. The thing is his birthday is also a few days aterwards if we do go out should we split the bill,let him pay or should i pay.
  2. Maybe some of you have read my previous posts and whatnot but the summary of it is im 18 and he is 19, we dated for three years and broke up almost 6 months ago. At first we became fwb but i broke it off in august/early September. Yesterday night my ex and I were talking (we have been in regular contact) and I asked how his party was on friday night and he said it was okay and admitted that while he was out at a party he realised how ungrateful he was. He has jokingly said “can i be your boyfriend” or maybe seriously im not sure but usually I brush it off. Yesterday he asked if we could go
  3. Its pretty equal, sometimes i initiate and sometimes he does
  4. I guess instead of moving on i moved “forward”, I don’t spend my days constantly thinking about him. Instead I do go out, focus on my studies and have fun etc. I think this is pretty good? Although there is still a desire to be with him and I can’t exactly stop it.
  5. Hey everyone, my relationship details are all in my previous threads. - basically im a 19F who had been dating my ex 19M for 3 years, became fwb and i broke that off last month. Its been 4-5 months since we broke up and we’ve still been texting (although sentences are very brief) we mostly text about random things about our days. I guess in a sense it is good that he still talks to me despite taking fwb off the table? We both have not spoken/seen anyone new. Sometimes I make jokes and about his “future girlfriend” and whenever I do he would go “lol no” and still shows a strong physical att
  6. Whenever I try to talk to him he thinks that i want to resume to being bf/gf immediately, and feels pressured even though I assure him i am not expecting that. Its hard to get my message across when he either doesnt comprehend it or will brief over it and go “ok” so that he doesnt get “stressed” out by it. The last time i tried to talk to him about it he would get fustrated saying that he was “annoyed” because now he cant “focus on other things”. I don’t want to come off as someone thats sends paragraphs and paragraphs which is annoying but i also cant exxactly shorten my thoughts into thr
  7. It’s almost like a coping method right now. He often at times just talks to me about his day and work like we used to. Honestly his motives feel blurred right now.
  8. - Thanks for following up on my posts, honestly i feel like a mess. I’m a really rational person and i’m so used to seeing things objectively but im really struggling to right now. I like to analyse the situation and discuss it contrary to my ex who likes to “forget about it” as if the problems will disappear if that happens. Your answer helped quite a bit. - I’m pretty set on doing no contact although i’m not sure for how long... its crazy how people think you can just cut someone off after years of talking everyday. Sometimes i wished he’d done something really bad to make the process ea
  9. Should i implement NC, apart of me wants to send him a huge paragraph telling him directly how I feel before doing so
  10. Hi guys as i detailed in my previous posts about my breakup with my ex of three years and how it kind of progressed into a fwb (we only did it 4 times it wasnt a regular thing). We are both 19 and its been about 4 months since breaking up. I went to his house yesterday because i wanted to see the “vibe” that would be there between us. Before going over i specifically told my ex that i wanted to know if we could work on our relationship or i think it would be best to cut off contact. At his house everything felt fine, it felt like we were together again. However, at the end i popped the questio
  11. I’m a 18F, my ex (19M) have been broken up for nearly 4 months after a 3 year relationship. Guess considering my indecisiveness its best to start a journal instead of asking for advice. Since our breakup, we have continued contact and had a fwb situation (this has stopped for about two weeks). It made me sad, so i went NC which only lasted two days until he would message me and he has continued to initiate contact. Several days ago he said he wanted to take things slow after i confronted him about our confusing relationship since we still kind of flirt. He wants to see me on Friday to see
  12. I guess you’re right. I am here for advice however i’m a very indecisive person, i’ll probably start a journal thread
  13. I personally think continuously asking someone what their family issues are is annoying. Family issues, i’d like to keep to myself as it is a sensitive topic.
  14. I guess you’re right. I am here for advice however i’m a very indecisive person, i’ll probably start a journal thread
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