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  1. Im sorry, but I dont get your point. I know it is not polite to snoop around, but isnt that a little bit weird? Cheating for 10 years and you are blaming me for snooping around?
  2. Update: I noticed my dad has probably had this account since year 2009. The website says that he has logged more than 1400 hours by chatting, so approximately 20 minutes a day. I also noticed that at this site, he has a female friend added, who joined the site at the same day my dad did. Any thoughts, suggestions about it?
  3. Im sorry, could you please explain this a little bit further?
  4. I was searching for something on my dads [50m] laptop, and I noticed weird site, which looked like a casual forum or dating site. There was also a nickname saved in the logging window but no password. When I asked what it was, he told that he didnt know and he saw this for the first time, so obviously some spam. But my brother told me he saw this exact site there approx 3 yrs ago, so he might have been lying. When I entered this laptop a few hours later, the saved logname was gone, it was probably deleted. I am a little scared what this is, should I tell my mom? [50f]
  5. Since march 2019.. Relationship with my ex was toxic, we kept breaking up and getting together for almost 3 years... I would not even say we had a relationship, just sort of... dated?
  6. So I texted my ex today fIrst timeafter 2 years, but I have a gf. We texted about casual stuff, I do miss her someties but I do not want her back. I dont think this is a big issue, because I just wanted to talk to her after a long time, but I am scared how my gf would react, because she is really jealous. On the other side, she also sometimes talks to her exes, wishes them happy b-day etc. What do you guys think, is it a big deal ?
  7. Well to be honest, I think she wouldnt want to be with me, so I wanted her to be with this guy and I had always started talking about him ...
  8. So i have a female friend and I have a crush on her. She generally likes to text with me, but she rarely initiates first. She told me she likes a guy and she texted him twice first, but nothing more happened with him. Does it mean she doesnt want to have something more with me if she doesnt text me first?
  9. How to deal with the fact I have never had gf in the age of25? All of my friends did, at least some girl showed clear interest in them, this has never happened to me,even slight interest. I have low self confidence and nevere asked a girl out, but no girl also ever did this to me. When I texted to girls, I had to initiate most of the conversations, they texted back but never first... Even if they seemed nice when I talked to them in person.. They never initiated anything. What can I do? I believe i am cursed and not capable of getting love
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