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  1. Also to the two recent posters. Thank you. I just wanted to know I made a legitimate effort to save something I wanted. Doubt and regret will eat me alive. I'm sure you can tell I can be quite the anxious person, situationally. You all have very thoughtful, kind, straightforward, clear and encouraging responses. And they have been invaluable. What caught me is this person reciprocated everything verbally and affectionately if you will. Much beyond my satisfaction. Then slowly took it away. I just didnt know why. Especially when the words being told to me were very loving. Thank you everyon
  2. The only reason I posed the idea that I was used for sex, was because of the drastic change in character that I couldnt explain, as well as, the mixed and conflicting signals. Her mouth was saying one thing but her actions made it seem as if she could give two you know what's. Quit reaching out first, from talking kindly to me to unfiltered destructive words. How could someone who claims to feel a certain way for you and what you are to them behave that way and be ok with such distance and coldness? I couldnt understand. I still dont. I recognize her damage but the fact that she claims to n
  3. Hey everyone, thank you so much for taking your personal time. I honestly needed to lay it all out and have anyone who had no dog in this fight or relation to me or her give an opinion. I just wanted to say and respond to a few individual things. I cant get the full sit up and not sure how to pull specific direct quotes. So here goes. Also at the end, I want to pose some questions, if you would be so kind as to indulge me a little more Bluecastle- thank you for coming off the cuff kind. It's been a long couple months for me as I believe myself stable, happy and capable of handling a relat
  4. I totally understand. I think my thread is in administration hands right now being approved. Not sure how long that takes. I read this post and so I want to repost it with these edits so people dont shy away from it. It's probably lengthy but I definitely gave the short version haha. Will I be able to edit once posted or should I delete and repost?
  5. I'm new today, to this site. I just wanted to say I totally understand the frustration with non-paragraph formatting, however I know that I just posted my first advice request and its long and I didnt think to put paragraphs, because it was difficult enough trying to organize my thoughts and clearly portray the situation. But its genuine and I'll be active on it, as well as hoping for answers or advice. Also my apology in the beginning for it being long is genuine, as I want it to be as fair, and clear as possible. I'm not taking this thread personal. Just wanted to give some insight into the
  6. So quickly I want to thank anyone who reads this through and offers advice or experiences. I'm going to try and make this as streamlined as possible. I met this girl March of this year. I'm 31, she is 30. I want to give you important details first, she is a fulltime single mom of two kids, works a 9-5. Was separated for years but filed for divorce officially during our time together. She came into my place of work. Her coworkers asked for my number for her. She contacted me that night. Within a few days I took her out. We hit it off like I cant even explain. There also was strong chemistry
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