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  1. Sorry for my late answer. She does want to see me in person (in groups, like in the cinema, etc.) but it doesn't feel like a date or something. Crazy coincidence: I don't really know how that is called in English, but we have to do work experience stuff and we are in the same company. So we'll probably see us a lot for 2 weeks and drive home together ... I may ask her out there. It's in like 5 months.
  2. Thanks to all of you. I really appreciate your advice.
  3. That's really good advice. I just found myself wanting to text with her all the time. Thanks. I really need to concentrate on other things.
  4. Over a year ago (we were both 14) we texted with heart emojis etc. We both visit the same school and class. I asked her if she would like to go out with me (cuz just writing is pretty dumb, right?) She told me that 14 is a little bit too early for her and we were both okay with that. She said, that there'll be maybe something like that in the future. Over a year has passed and I'm still into her. We're still texting a lot, but I'm afraid I got her favorite textpartner, not her potential boyfriend. How can I tell her, that I still would like to go on a date with her? Thanks in advance!
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