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  1. Originally that was my reason but now, not for reconciliation but just to communicate generally as he’s going through personal things that I would like to ask about due to genuine concern. I just want him to calm down his anger before I get in touch because he has said some hurtful things without realising where he has hurt me too in the past. I can accept it if he moves on as it just wasn’t meant to be so I’m not trying to win him back. That would be great, not going to lie but I think there’s no chance unless both of us recognise where things went wrong and make an effort to improve. I
  2. Thanks everyone. Just a random one, in this scenario, was I the dumpee or the dumper? Doing NC and trying to figure out who should be the one to try and initiate contact at some point. I know I ended things first but the final decision was his to make and he walked out then...
  3. Yeh at first I thought I couldn’t be friends but then it seemed like if I could get him to remember his feelings from before he would decide to work on things.
  4. Thanks for the the advice, very true even though it’s not what I wanted to hear! I 100% agree that I need to look at my contribution and I appreciate my post doesn’t focus on that aspect. I’ve told him exactly what mistakes I made and haven’t once blamed him or pointed the finger at him. I feel that to an extent both of us got caught up in our own conflicting pressures and avoidance seemed the easier option at the time. I’ve forgiven him for much worse and to be honest, I expected the same. I’ve told him where it went wrong, what I’ve realised I did and how I can move forward to not make t
  5. Forgot to mention that when we agreed to meet each other’s families, I also suggested we meet up in about a weeks time to talk things through about moving forward. He agreed but then when I started asking him what day he’s free, he was being cold again. He then said he didn’t want to see me. I feel like he knows he can be cold over text and the phone but if he saw me, the feelings would be stronger.
  6. Hi all, Hoping you can give me some advice and guidance as I’m so crushed right now. My ex and I were together just over 5 years. The relationship started brilliantly and grew from a friendship that was originally based on attraction. We got serious over the years and started talking marriage. We both wanted to get married but dating isn’t the cultural norm for us so there was always the issue of talking to our parents. He was willing to do this but I had family issues to take into account which made me more hesitant. In the meantime his family was pressuring him about marriage and when
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