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  1. I did leave him alone, he finally msged after 2 days and told me that he needed time to think and he realised he is not ready to be in a relationship. He said the fight made him think that things might get worse in the near future. He said i'm a great girl but he just not ready and doesn't want to hold me back from potential relationship. I don't know whether to accept that he really is not ready for a relationship or is it because I scared him off with that fight and his no longer interested in me. If his no longer interested in me, I wish he could just tell me so I won't have to keep wondering. Now I can't stop blaming myself for chasing him away.
  2. Thanks for all your comments. It did crossed my mind that if he was really interested in me like he said he is, then he could just send a quick msg to say hi. I believe no matter how busy you are, you still need to take a break at some point throughout the day. It show he is active on Facebook all day, but that could be him being on the computer and left it on, i don't know for sure. I feel like I'm trying to make excuses for him, like maybe his the type that can't multitask or the workload is just too overwhelmed that he can't get distracted. I do want to see him more and he did say that when he finish off uni this month he will have more time for us. But I think I did enough so I won't send him another message until he contact me. But just don't know what I should do if he didn't end up msging me after he finish. Should I take it as his no longer want to talk to me or should I send him a msg on Monday and ask if he mange to submit his assignment and then ask him where we stand just so I get a clear answer.
  3. Hi, I would like some advice on what to do next. So I've been seeing this guy for 2 months now. Things been going great, we went on a few dates and been texting everyday and video call at night sometimes. We're both busy with work, uni and other commitments but always try and find time to go on a date when we can, but at the moment its only every 2 weeks that we meet up. Last Thursday we got into a small fight cause he wanted to cancelled our date because he wanted to work on his assignment, I understand that uni is important but it still made me quite upset since we already hardly see each other in person. He also got upset that I wasn't being understanding so we stop talking for 3 days (yes we''re both stubborn). I decided to msg him on Monday and he ignored me till Tuesday morning. He said that he is still upset and that he need time to cool off and think. I reply back that I understand he need space and hope we can sort it out once his ready. Then the conversation continue and eventually he said that he don't even know why we still talking about this since it was such a small fight, I agree and said we should just forget about it. Then he start talking to me about his puppy and we started talking like normal. He didn't msg me on Wednesday so that night I send him a test to ask hows his night been and if he saw the cool red moon. He reply saying he been trying to do his assignment which is due this coming Sunday and haven't been able to go out to look at the moon. I reply and ask if there much to do, and send him a picture of the moon saying this is what it kinda look like. He didn't reply back till Thursday morning, he said oh that really cool wish he was able to see it, and that he still have a lot left to do on his assignment. I then reply and said at least you still have a bit of time before the due date, do your best! So Thursday morning was the last time we talked. Its Saturday now and he hasn't once message me. I don't know whether since the fight last week his no longer interested in talking to me or it is because of how stressful his assignment is that he don't want to get distracted by talking to me. i'm feeling really anxious not knowing what the reason behind him not messaging me or even to reply back to my last text. Should I just leave him be or should I send him another message and ask how his assignment going.
  4. Thank you everyone for your advice and opinions. It has helped me see things a lot clearer now.
  5. He was interesting and fun to talk to. I just thought we did have a connection just don't know what it is, could be friendship or could be more.
  6. Hi, I need some advice on what to do next. Its been a while since I've dated. So after my friend B'day a guy added me on fb and started talking to me. We didn't really talk at the party so I didn't know him, only heard his name a few times through mutual friends. Anyway, the first time he texted we talk for 3hrs straight, then the next night about 2hrs, then 4hrs, then on and off through out the day since we are both working. He hinted that we want to take me out and eventually we scheduled a date. Before the date i have met him twice in a group gathering but we don't really interact or talk cause we don't know each other well and our friends doesn't know we've been talking. However, a week before we meet up the texting die down to only 1 or 2 msgs a day. I started to feel a bit distance and felt like he wasn't that interested in talking to me, but my friend who I told said maybe he was just really busy. So he insist on picking me up for our date, we had a great time talking and laughing but i didn't feel any romantic feelings toward him, it felt more like a catch up with a friend vibe. I do kinda like him I think, but I don't know how he felt. After dinner he drop me home and then we texted a bit and that is it. The next 2 days he texted me but it was a very short conversations. After that he stop texting me, its been 2 days and I think since we don't feel any romantic feelings on our date, he probably decided to stop talking to me. i'm not sure, but that how I feel. I'm not sure whether to leave it be or to send him a text and see what happen.
  7. It was only a 4yrs gap and I did hesitate at first but he was being really mature for his age at the time. He seem different from all the other guys his age. We talked a lot and he seem to understand me and we have similar value, well that what i thought at the time. We met through friends, i do have younger and older friends.
  8. Thank you, I think what you said is correct. Part of me also feel upset for wasting so much time on him and put all my trust in him. I will try and remind myself that he is not worth it.
  9. That's a really good advice, thank you. I will start writing down all the bad things he did and try to stop focusing on the good things only. I do feel exercise does help a lot.
  10. Thank you, maybe I really am not fully over him. I will try and distract myself as much as I can
  11. Its been a few months now since I last talked to my ex, after he came back and ask for a second chance. It took me about 4 months I think to completely stop crying and feeling hurt everyday again. I've been fine and happy the last month or two just focusing on myself and spending times with family and friends. It was only yesterday at a party when one of my friend mentioned my ex name and they started talking about him that i started to feel a bit hurt again, and today I can't stop thinking bout him and starting to get a tight feeling around my chest/heart, feeling sad and lonely. Start missing the good times that we used to shared. i don't want to think about it because i thought I was done, why is it happening again now? I'm really confuse about this feelings, why is it hurting again, why now after I've been feeling fine. Will I continue to feel this way every time someone mention his name or talk about him? Any advices or comments will be appreciated, I just feel so lost and confuse.
  12. I have blocked him now, he didn't want to talk to me anymore anyway so don't think blocking him do much. I'm just very hurt because I was hoping we could be together again, I did loved him a lot. Thank you for your comment
  13. I admit I was being a bit immature about the whole thing, I wanted to test him a bit to see how much he wanted to be with me and if he have changed like he said he did. When we were in a relationship I was always the one that gave in and msg him if he ignored me, I just wanted to see if he would put his ego aside and msg me first, but he didn't which to me he still the same. I do't think I can trust him ever again and I agree, I don't think his the type of guy I want a future with. Thank you
  14. You're right, I am still very hurt from what happened and having him around did reminded me of all the painful times. I don't even know if I can ever trust him again, probably not since he decided to run away again this time. He just wanted to go back to when we were dating even though I told him that it is not possible after everything that happened. He didn't seem to understand the depth of my pain and that he was the one that caused it. When I forgave him the first time for flirting with other girls on snapchat, we had a fight because he doesn't believe flirting by text is consider cheating. I think is this why he didn't understand why I was so hurt by it. I've learnt my lesson though, won't ever trust his words or give him another chance. Thank you
  15. His been avoiding all questions and would just said stuff like it was my fault for playing game. I blocked him now, but I still can't believe after all our history together he would come back and mess with my emotions. What you said is so correct. He keep making me doubt myself and questions myself, thinking whether it was my fault in all this that the second chance didn't work out. All he ever said was he didn't run away, he made the decision base on my actions and that we're not compatible and his not happy with me because i haven't change. Thank you
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