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    Yes, I agree. I will tell her the next time I'm alone with her.
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    Thank you all so much. I actually did tell him to stop before but he was like "Oh God I'm just teasing you" 🙄 I'll just avoid him even more, and her too if it continues
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    Hi everyone 😁 So I kinda have a problem. My friend has a boyfriend for a few months now. And we often go out with our other friends to club, parties etc. But this one time everyone had to leave earlier and I was going to sleep at her house so I stayed alone with them. And all the time he was making these weird sexual jokes including me. He even mentioned a threesome a few times. And all that was in front of her. She got a little bit mad but he said that he was 'just joking'. Since then, whenever I go out with them (which is less often) he's making similar jokes, looking at me, commenting on my clothes and it is making me feel SO uncomfortable. I don't want to tell her anything about it bc what if I'm just making a big deal about it. Am I?
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