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  1. For those of you asking about what I mean by lifestyle differences. For example. Our hours differ greatly. As a PA I will be at work long hours from 6am-6pm most days of the week. He wakes up late, comes home late and works weekends. Before, I had a job that matched his hours somewhat, so it wasn’t so much of a problem. I always go on trips by myself because either he doesn’t want to, says he can’t afford it, or is working every weekend and can’t take off work. For a long time I was ok with that because we are both pretty independent but now I am starting to value being able to live a good, fulfilling, fun life together. That’s what I mean by lifestyle changes. It’s not just about social standing. As far as the social standing thing, it just gets cumbersome to have to justify my life to others and explain my life to them. And as far as my extended family not knowing about him, that wasn’t my choice. It’s my mother not telling our family. We don’t see our extended family hardly at all so whatever she says to the family she has put it through her own filter. I do care what my family thinks because they are my family and I love them. But I also love my quirky awesome funny guy. It’s just a tough situation that’s all. Thanks for all the feedback.
  2. Thank you for your replies. I guess I’m getting too hung up on what everyone thinks. I think it stems from lifelong insecurities and being raised to highly value those things, even though it might not be the right thing to do. I just want us to be accepted in a world that can be judgmental. I appreciate the honest feedback!
  3. I am 29 and he is 39. We met when I moved into an apartment complex 6 years ago. I was just starting school again and he is a tattoo artist. Back then I was not serious about dating and didn’t think much of the future. He’s so good to me and has grown to be more mature than he was when I met him. But I am learning that maybe our lifestyles might end up being different down the road. Six years later and I’m in PA school. I’m finding that the lifestyle of being a PA doesn’t match that of a tattoo artist. All my cohorts are dating men with normal jobs and none of them have neck tattoos. Every time I get asked if I have a boyfriend they ask what he does, when I tell them they are shocked and some of them laugh about it. I hate that I’m embarrassed by it because I do love him so much. And to top it off, my parents aren’t crazy about him either. My extended family doesn’t even know about him because I’d basically be the black sheep for being in such an unconventional relationship. I can’t help feeling like we aren’t a good fit but we do love each other very much. I’m just worried about what that means for our future as far as social standing goes.
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