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  1. This a text I got today... please share your thoughts!!! “So obviously I want to do something for you for this holiday they call Valentine's day. But my mother's birthday is actually on Valentine's day but she is in baton rouge because my grandmother her mother is dying as we speak. So I flew her out there to be with her mom and dad . So along with paying for a last minute flight for her and making arrangements for her dog who passed away as soon as they got there 🤦🏾♂️and all of my recent investments(Brand,business,etc)I'm broke for the next couple weeks. With that being said I want you to
  2. He wont call me... we have not spoken verbally for a month as of today. We hadnt texted in almost 2 wks...Last night he texted me “How are you doing” I responded with “Ive been better” because I found out my estranged father had suffered a massive stroke approximately 2hrs before getting his text. We texted back and forth just about general stuff. In my last text to him last evening, I told him I was struggling with so many different emotions pertaining to my father. He responded this morning saying he was praying for me. So I thanked him and let him know I was good!!!! He replied with the fol
  3. He he introduces me as his lady...so yeah!
  4. Things are spiraling out of control. My boyfriend recently had a birthday.. He set up a day for us to spend together to celebrate his birthday a few days prior to the actual day. The day of his birthday we didn’t spend any time together. Then the day after his birthday he attended a huge party that identified him as one the honorees on social media but he would not admit to it. Instead said he was working security for the event and that his name was only used on flyers because he has such a huge following but he never invited me. I was going to show up at the party anyway but fought against t
  5. So my boyfriend and I were supposed to get together on Saturday for a brunch he had planned. About 4 am on Saturday morning he calls to ensure that I am coming. It was odd to me that he would call at that hour but I asked if he was okay considering he had attended his 15 yr old nephews funeral service hours earlier that Friday. He said he was okay confirms the time for us to meet and says he cant wait to see me. Close to an hour later I am awaken again by a text that says “I don't know if you notice me begging. That's because i haven't been with anyone fyi” and another immediately after that s
  6. Yes... We have been dating over a year... Not a cyber relationship....Interesting though!!! We do live in separate cities about 90 miles apart. The argument had to do with him prioritizing when it comes to our relationship. I am fully understanding fir things like work but because we dont see one another as often as we’d like we have to our time spent at least in the the top 5 of priorities wether I go there or he comes here.
  7. So I did text back “Im open to that” hoping it would lead to sone kind of verbal communication. Instead he replies “I'm just trying to figure out a way to approach it ” Now Im even more confused
  8. Thank you for your response. You are right... Texting has been a huge problem for us. So the back story is the day before that text was sent was when we had the argument during a phone call. Then late that evening he sent a text saying “I'm scared to even call you now“!!! I didn’t play into it but just simply texted back “ okay... good night”! As expected nothing more from him that night. Now fast forward... As a response to “creating some dialogue”, I said “Im open to that” hoping it would lead to sone kind of verbal communication. Instead he replies “I'm just trying to figure out a way t
  9. My boyfriend and I communicate differently and his preferred method of communication is always texting. I comply but cant always get a true feel for what is being conveyed...So he sends me a text after an argument first saying good afternoon I reply with “afternoon to you too”. He then send a follow up text stating “I'm trying to create some type of dialogue with us”. What does this mean?? I ask myself. Does he want to solve our problem?? How should I respond is my wonder?
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