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  1. So my ex and I broke up almost a year ago I finally moved on don’t bother her been doing my thing. She claimed both kids and spent all the money on herself bought a car after getting my car repoed and me having to scrape up money to get it back. I can’t believe she did this my question is what can I do about this if anything
  2. So true. It is my family. Especially through the holiday season
  3. It’s been seven months now. I’m past the rose colored glasses, impulsive need of “I need her”. My thoughts about everything is passive. I’ve grown holding down a second job as well as dating, excercising, pursuing new hobbies. But I’m at a point where I still want her back. I want my family back. Does this ever go away?
  4. Poor choice of words we were engaged we are not married. So it is MY CAR
  5. So almost 6 months ago my spouse left because she was unhappy. She had a EA prior to leaving ended up with said man. So I’ve went LC for the past few months no more begging, pleading, slip ups. We have 2 children I now have my son she keeps our daughter. She owes me money. Almost 2k. I still let her use my car for the sake of the kids without it she would be screwed. I told her next year around tax time I’m going to claim both children as she has not been working and I need to put a dent in my car payment before I take it back. I found out she was going on vacation for her bday because she told me. So I asked her when can she start paying me back, she then goes on a tangent telling me how much of a pos I am, how I make her life hell, how I show her how much of a ty person someone can be, she should’ve chose a better father of her children, how I’m so petty, how she’s chained to me and I control her life but I don’t do anything to control her life or stop her from doing anything. She thinks everything I do is to be petty including taking the car back. But it’s like how long do you expect to keep it? I’m so lost because I help her so much. Not a lot of men would give her their car. It wasn’t my intention to be petty. The only aspect I refuse to help her at is a place to stay that’s too much. I don’t care about her relationship anymore I’ve been healing and growing as an individual got a second job taking care of mines. Talking to women. I know longer have hopes of recon. If it happens it happens. I don’t bother her at all I don’t ask about her relationship. But I would like the debt to be repaid. I do however ask my son how she’s doing from time to time. I used to do it often but less and less I think it was part of the healing is this wrong? She says I’m manipulating him and ruining his mental. I don’t put things in his head or bad ideas about his mother Why is she still so angry and resentful to me? Other then this interaction we have had great interactions she’s been flirty. Texting me a lot I don’t usually entertain because I know it’s breadcrumbs when we exchange kids we joke and laugh. But then she says “why can’t we just get along” she’s all over the place. Is this normal? What’s going on? Also she’s been stalking the women I talk to adding them on social media and such which also makes no sense to me help me out here?
  6. Not yet no attorney we are not married. I have the kids most of the time.
  7. Oh they definitely f*ck. I didn’t handle things well at first and went through her phone. I misunderstood. They do everything a couple does just doesn’t put a label on it. She posts him on her social media stories and stuff. But exactly I’m seeing other women now too. I’m not going to be a fool I’ve never had a problem with women. It’s sad it’s really like she wants me to wait she’s always prying about other women and what I’m doing
  8. No we don’t sleep together. We slept together maybe once after the breakup. I stopped all of that. The lack of love and respect has become very apparent through her actions so much more has happened. Why does she “we can move past this” and “ I honestly see us getting back together in the future” I don’t initiate these convos. When she sees me in person it’s obvious she still has feelings. I cut her off as much as possible
  9. I even asked what she expected from this “friendship” she doesn’t even know. I’m detached from the situation emotionally. I am holding up well just needed opinions to confirm I’m not wrong for feeling she is being ridiculous
  10. No we are not sleeping together. I don’t entertain her. Believe me my self respect is all I think about. I do believe it’s entirely disrespectful. She wasn’t always selfish but since the breakup she has been. Even said “I’m tired of doing for others.”(our family and I). Like I said I wouldn’t allow it I just needed opinions because she makes me seem like I’m the crazy one. I know it’s absurd. I still haven’t seen the guy in person at all. I know it would not be good though. She wants her cake and to eat it too. But overall I am in LC/NC. She contacts me more then ever. I’m focused on myself, my children, my career. Her attitude and character has been disgusting she’s not the same person I loved she’s taken a complete 180 even putting this man before the kids. She has been extremely selfish
  11. So long story short we broke up after 10 years. She rebounded within 2 weeks with a guy we both knew. So it’s been about 4 months. She always gives me breadcrumbs about getting back together. She tells me how much of a good friend the rebound is and how she doesn’t want to lose him for good. She says she wants us(the rebound and I) to be friends if we do get back together. I disagree I don’t think it’s right. But my question is, is this immature? Has anyone else done this? I don’t feel like I could trust them Right now I’m not feeling reconciliation. Too much has happened. She would really have to prove herself.
  12. Either way my children’s lives are going to be effected. Couples get past these things all the time. I don’t expect her back anytime soon I’m working on being a better person and parent. I just mean in the future. I’m not begging nor chasing I’m in NC. But again I understand where you are coming from. I haven’t stopped moving forward
  13. Listen I understand what you mean. But stuff happens I can’t control how I feel it’s still early maybe with time my feelings will change but right now. It was stressful our last year I know there was strain and I just feel if we try again things CAN be better I may be delusional but I believe in second chances but not thirds
  14. Because we have 2 children together and relationships face trials.
  15. In my opinion new bf. She doesn’t put a title on it she’s just “going with the flow” we are broken up but he was there before hand. When I went through her messages she and him talk about how he was part of the reason she left and they were hanging out while we were still together. He is also a few months out of a long term relationship.
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