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  1. Thanks for the info--as such in my case I did g treatment--and the episode was my only one. I was taken off meds several months later. I do feel more confident that I will be aware whats happening next time.
  2. I think there were a few things missed from a few of the posts reading through--so this is meant to be a clarification for a few of the last posts. I do believe that I may have been "overbearing" in the sense of being annoying; though at the time it was happening I was not aware. Although the pastor's children and I were very close in age, I was slightly older and leading the youth group (the youth pastor convinced me to be a helper and then shortly after I joined, he quit). So, I knew the pastor's children from 15-18, 16-19, and 18-21 where I was 20-23. The cutoff came before I ever displayed any mental illness; the paranoia had to do with 2 things--because I knew them as minors, I came across an article about emotional abuse with minors and how it could be illegal, and convinced myself that was the issue; so when I went to the police I said I might have done something illegal but wasn't sure (I don't think that now, but at the time I was obsessed with trying to figure out what I did wrong)--that is when they contacted the pastor. The hospital said they actually were required to share my mental health information with the family due to them being minors when we were in contact. I don't believe any hints were dropped--the barely tolerable comment wasn't a "hint"--that was the breakup, at least how I saw it--they just went from one day friends to next day complete cutoff and insult--I, for the most part, ceased contact at that point. The only exceptions were at the advice of the assistant pastor, and several months later when I learned I was moving and figured there was nothing to lose, contacting only the pastor in both cases---whom met me with more and more mixed signals. The mental episode was my one and only episode (well technically, I would become depressed for the next few months, but all in all this episode was my only episode ever).
  3. to be clear here...this whole post was based on the idea that I've let them go, I haven't contacted them in 2 years, and I've even blocked them on social media. But despite all this, I can't stop thinking about them. Even so, my main quandry here had more to do with the fact that this pastor spent years preaching valuing relationships and loving those you don't like and never severing relationships, even putting me in leadership to teach those same things; only for him to break my trust with his teachings of loyalty. Your response seems to be a typical non-Christian answer; but in the Bible you can't actually separate forgiveness and reconciliation. God doesn't reconcile with those He doesn't forgive; and one must ask forgiveness before they can be reconciled to God. Still, though that may be my belief and not agree with whatever they're throwing at me; I nonetheless (mostly) respected their wishes. But in this situation particularly; what drove me crazy was their crazy mixed signals of being excited to see me and then two seconds later shunning me, and then two seconds later engaging me with excitement; and then 2 seconds later shunning--THAT, is maddening. And--more than anything, I have lost faith in the church---it has been nothing short of a hate-field every single day I've attended, being betrayed left and right; perhaps this story was just the straw that broke the camel's back; but I'm so sick of loving everyone only to be stabbed in the back so many times.
  4. Here is the message spaced out (hopefully; I'm not good with these things).
  5. tried, looks like the time limit expired so it won't let me make changes; sorry.
  6. This is pure torture. There's so much to this story that it might be hard to keep track with. I was friends with the pastor's daughter--and I stress friends--we never did anything that suggested otherwise---literally all we did is talk online and at church. Admittedly, looking back, it did seem a bit one-sided after a while. Perhaps I was annoying or something. We were friends for roughly 5 years...but one nuance here--she happens to be the daughter of a pastor. I never had any altercations with any church member. But after 5 years, in what felt out of the blue to me, she and he sister just started ignoring me, and her brother told me I was "barely tolerable." This would trigger a mental episode in me for the very first time in my life...I had hallucinations and depression, similar to schizo bipolar (I wasn't diagnosed, but my family has it); during this mental breakdown, I turned myself into the police--who called the pastor and then brought me to mental health. After I got out I saw that the girl in question had put me on "restricted" basically we were still listed as friends but I saw the message part was blocked. The assistant pastor had visited me in mental health and again when I got out and he told me I should talk to the pastor--I was not keen on this as I felt I was stepping over some bounds and really had no idea what to think--but the assistant pastor said the pastor was "more than willing" to meet with me. I had asked the assistant pastor what he thought about me returning, to which he responded by asking if I've thought about other churches---which whether or not he meant to made me feel like I was not wanted there. So I met with the pastor/father who said there was no animosity, and they care about me, and that he was working on boundaries with his daughter--he talked about something referring to Maslow's hierarchy or something, and said if someone doesn't want relationship, let them go, and embrace them when they come back. He also said I could come to church but not small groups--I asked him if I did anything wrong, and he said he didn't feel slighted and that I don't owe him an apology--but if that is the case, then I felt like the church limits were unjust and not healthy boundaries. This seemed to try to put false hope in me; when I got back home I found that the girl had completely blocked me now (I had not tried contacting her at all). I left the issue alone for months; I wound up accidentally viewing their instagrams since it happens when you scroll through...which would get me blocked by both daughters, and the mother, who is also a pastor. But here's the weird part---her sister and mother would still like posts on my facebook and even occasionally comment; despite still having me blocked elsewhere. After several months had passed, I learned I would be moving far far away--so with nothing to lose I figured why not see where everything's at. I e-mailed the pastor...along the lines of expressing how i felt and expressing my desire to remain friends, but if his family would like no contact, I would respect it. He responded with very vague terminology, saying I'm welcome to come, and wanted to give me the space I need to move forward, but then enthusiastically offered to meet for coffee, complete with exclamation points. After some time, I took him up on the offer--only to hear more of the same--and then more restrictions, now being told only to contact him to ask questions. It felt like a big middle finger. Other than the daughter originally in question, they would continue to interact with my facebook for 2 years, basically only liking posts when I actually had some happy moments---I almost felt like they just wanted my attention back after they realized how happy I made other people (no clue if thats true). Finally, I had to regain my sanity and I blocked them. But truth be told, I love them and miss them every day. But I feel so completely disrespected. During Covid, I would wind up watching an online stream, unaware they could see i was viewing...the church page said hello specifically to me with exclamation points, i didn't respond (for one, I didn't know if it was the pastor or assistant pastor who was typing, and secondly, I wouldn't even know what to say). I guess one frustrating thing is just not knowing the whys or the whos...like why did they want me gone, was the block wanted by the girl or by the parents...it's just all very confusing. I would never do anything to hurt them, and I poured so much of my energy into their church and the people there; adn this felt like the biggest stab in the back ever.
  7. I had a pretty huge falling out with this girl--she was the pastor's daughter. the thing is, I'm not really sure what to think. We had been friends for 5 years or so and never had any issues that I was aware of. Then one day randomly she ignored me and her brother approached me and said I was barely tolerable. I should mention there were more events after this but I'm having a very hard time piecing together everything that happened, but will discuss what I do know. So, for those who don't know, the phrase "barely tolerable" I knew to be a direct reference to one of her favorite books, Pride & Prejudice--in particular the scene where Elizabeth Bennett overhears him say it to Bingley, and then when Darcy mentions dancing as an act of affection, Bennett replies, "only if one's partner is barely tolerable." All I know is the girl ignored me and her brother said the words...she never gave me a reason and blocked me on Facebook. At first glance I assumed this meant she was annoyed by me...but without her telling me it was very hard to know for sure. Some time later I wondered if the father had a part in all this, perhaps not approving of us being close with each other (close only in the sense of friends), and decided to end it. Sometimes I wonder if she had a crush on me and I never realized it...there are plenty of occurrences that could have suggested this...but again...I will never know. Sometimes I wonder if her dad said no more and she said barely tolerable to get me to know the reference to Pride & Prejudice? This whole ordeal has confused me so much, and the only person who really knows the truth is her, and she has not spoken to me at all since the incident.
  8. we just started dating and recently had sex for the first time...and now my landlord is raising rent too much and I have to move. How am I gonna tell her...I feel horrible.
  9. I didn't say it was healthy...I'm just saying it may not be as bad as everyone is making it seem.
  10. Let's be fair here...while it doesn't look promising, I know myself and I can honestly say that the way I deal with conflict can be avoidance. There are many times I dealt with issues by locking myself away in my room playing video games for hours--or going to the gym, or the library...because either I was feeling smothered or there was an issue I was avoiding. HOWEVER, I can attest that the secretive passwords probably is something you won't like--could be pornography...could be having "emotional affairs" with women...he could be talking with them without ever having visited them---for me this is where I draw the line and go no further. Is it possible he's cheating? Very possible. But you gotta talk to him and just be honest and tell him, straight to the point exactly your feelings. No mixed messages, no him trying to guess...just shoot straight....otherwise it WILL continue. And until you have solid conclusive evidence I would do my best to trust him until proven guilty.
  11. The only ones here that potentially apply is the experience factor...and possibly undiagnosed diabetes...I'm not sure about the anxiety, maybe she had anxiety but I thought I was fine.
  12. yep...and then she agreed to watch a movie at my place and a few minute into the movie jumped on top of me....so yeah.
  13. 35 My first time was fine...I don't really have any emotions attached to that really...though that girl pursued me very heavily. I'm not grieving over an ex per se...but I am still battling with emotions to a family of friends I lost some time ago...a pastoral family...but in particular it heavily involved one of the girls of that family...we were just friends but I had a hard time with the friend breakup. The current girl doesn't remind me of anyone from my past...like at all. Yes I watch porn pretty regularly.
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