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  1. There is more to this. At first I tried to think of things separately but clearly its relevant. I apologize before hand for confusing story about to come (best friend's friend's husband). Writing is not my forte. About a month ago my GF comes back from a girls weekend with her best friend. I can tell when she walks in the door something was wrong. I ask her about it. She tells me that she had a falling out with her best friend. In the past this friend that she was spending the weekend with has had "issues" when they drink together. Basically her friend had a tendency to have nervous bre
  2. I did not see the actual message but it's not hard to believe that it came from his mom given that she sends messages (usually insignificant) quite often. I don't believe she would want to have any contact with her ex but maybe I should re evaluate that.
  3. According to her once she thought about it she agreed that it was a stupid thing to do. So if she told me about it before hand she would have thought about it before hand and never went to see him. The thing is I don't believe she didn't think about it before hand. If she ran it past me first I would have argued with her as to why she feels the need to go. Its hard to say but if she had a good reason / could counter my reasons for not wanting her to go I might be able to accept it. I like to think I am a pretty reasonable person and try to see things from both sides (wear both sets of shoe
  4. Not only did she not tell me, when I asked about it she said "how i would feel didn't even cross her mind until i said something" which is insulting but at the same time i don't believe it. I found out because after not replying to my good morning text all day (she works nights so i txt her in the morning when i head to work around 7am) i called her around 5pm, at which point she told me that she was at the hospital visiting him. It seems like people see things both ways on this one. I get the hole being "compassionate" "a caring human being" but its not like it was a unfortunate accident o
  5. I won't get into the details but I know this guy as well. Long story short I was his supervisor at my last job (bad situation but that's a hole other story). I don't want to be negative and of course I'm biased but I don't think this is going to change anything in his life. Probably just going to give him a desire for revenge.
  6. That's where it gets more frustrating. I wasn't able to fully cool down as she refuse to leave me alone about it but I don't think I got out of line. I told her i thought it was ed and that I'm really pissed about it. Her response was along the lines of. " I was just trying to be nice and didn't think about the way you would feel. Now I realize how stupid this is and looks and I'm truly sorry". That's almost more insulting in my opinion. How do you go to see an EX and not once in that decision even consider how your current BF would feel. I told her that I thought that was BS and I'm not buyi
  7. So I'll give a little background on the EX first. According to my GF he was abusive (once choked her) and a drug addict (cocaine). He also had a uncontrollable temper, probably due to the drug use. He also got her quite addicted to the cocaine as well. I know that's not his fault but I thought it was worth mentioning. Basically a horrible relationship that by no means ended on good terms. When she broke up with him I let her stay with me. 6 years later we are still together, she isn't involved with any drugs and last year we bought a house together. So a few days ago she finds out from
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