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  1. MissCanuck i agree with the part where you said ("You say things were fine and this came out of the blue. That suggests to me that either it's been weighing on him longer than he let on, or something happened that triggered him and led him to raise the issue with you.") i think that part about it weighing on him for a long time might be somewhat true,I too was in a long distance relationship and i was in the exact position he is in and my reason for feeling such was not cause of another girl or cause i lost the love i had for her or anything like that ,it was cause of other reasons that had no
  2. First thing is first blaming yourself for your past and the decisions that you made in the past is makes sense, you not so proud of it ,cant take that away from you and you shouldnt try to take it away or forget it or try to get rid of it at all.Because of it im sure you have done some good cause of the past because of what you learned from it how you are now married with a husband for 4 years which im sure you love which is different from your past .Think about it if it wasn't for your past relationships that weren't right for you would you have known that your husband was the one you want
  3. Im just like i wanna learn from people who i think know more than me or do things in a better way than i do ,to take their skills and make them my own and to improve on them in my own .I think you and i are the same is it safe to say you enjoy learning things and enjoy finding better ways to do then knowing you can do it ? If so tell me and i know exactly what you can do
  4. Go with body weight training and you can build your own workout equipment and i also did bodyweight training and saw real results check out frank medrano did his work outs and i became pretty good and its been 3 years now and i stopped doing the work outs and lost a little bit of the muscle but still look fit and still got my strength.
  5. Yes its wrong ,Your better is for you and you alone for him his better was being who he was ,if he never shown any sight of wanting to change or talked about how he wasnt happy with the way he was then trying to change him for your own fulfillment is kind wrong.On the other if changing was gonna make you more happy and that in turn he was gonna make him happy ,then its perfectly fine cause thats something that he wants to do on his own for you.
  6. Being worried i think is normal when we dont want to loose someone we really care about and someone that means alot to us because of how they have now become an important part of our lives.In that you guys are in this relationship together after all and if something is weighing you down and affecting you in a big way is it not best to go through it with the person you are in the relationship.Sure all of us can say what we want and give our opnions about your relationship and what you should do about it . When we enter a relationship ofcourse they are things that will affect us that we cant
  7. I think its simple ,she might have send you the happy birthday cause she still cares about you and the new relationship with the new guy might be just that, her moving on but i have a question for you rather than an answer to what you asking .Do you want her back? if its a yes ,best thing to do is talk to her be really honest with her about how you feel (in person not on the phone).I dont know whats the cause of the on and off thing but im pretty sure that only you and her can fix it together thats if you still want to be with her.And if that doesnt work only thing you can do it also move on
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