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  1. I'm confused by the first statement in your post @Wiseman2. And to your other questions, yes and yes. That's why I did not omit that part of the story as much as I knew I would it "disgust" others.
  2. No we weren't exclusive. And for your other questions, I spoke to my counselor after this happened. Thanks for the concern.
  3. A year ago I met a guy and so the story goes... We dated, which progressed into a loving relationship, and now we are living together. We are "normal" couple with our ups and downs but at the end of each day I can honestly say that I am so unbelievably lucky to have this person in my life. Rewind to month 1. We had been on 2 (maybe three dates) before I traveled for a long weekend with friends. We stayed in touch but at this point, I was not sure if I saw this relationship going anywhere but I enjoyed the time we spent together and knew we would continue talking/wanting to him again. O
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