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  1. Thing is, I ask them out in the most non desperate way possible. I always talk to them casually through text/snapchat for at least a week or 2, letting us get to know basics about each other, then I ask them if they'd like to get together sometime. They will say yes, I make plans, they agree, and then they cancel at the last second. That's the problem I'm having. The reason I use Tinder over other apps is I'm not even looking for anything serious or in particular right now, my mindset is 'whatever happens, happens' and that's typically what girls look for as well. I'm very casual about meeti
  2. I just don't understand it and it's really frustrating. It's been happening WAY too often lately, but everytime I talk to a girl either from Tinder or someone I meet in person we exchange a number of texts talking and getting to know each other with some flirting going on between both of us. But as soon as I make plans with them they agree to it, but then boom they cancel usually the day we're supposed to get together or literally a few hours before. They ALWAYS hit me with the excuse of "oh sorry not feeling well tonight" or some crap like that. I just assume they're out with their friends o
  3. Literally anything, I'm not a picky person by any means. I work 50 hours during the week and so when I'm not at work, I'm at the gym. Video games, movies, bowling, concerts, parades, barbecuing, swimming, playing pool. I'm the type of person to try anything at least once. I feel like because I put that I'm into fitness, people just assume I'm a 'meathead' and that's all I care about is lifting, which just isn't true.
  4. Thank you for being one of the few of putting a genuine answer instead of calling me out on stuff. The main reason I cut those friends out was lack of ambition and not going anywhere in life. Like, they never wanted to do anything unless it involved weed, alcohol, going to bars, clubs, or partying in general. I'm trying to not do that stuff as much anymore because I'm more focused on the future and want to grow up a little. Sometimes I want friends where we can just chill out, have meaningful conversations, play video games, barbecue, go to events, whatever. They were never interested in any o
  5. I didn't get "upset" about it, I was indirectly pointing out that it's ridiculous to judge someone by their profile name, because it is. And you've got it all wrong, I didn't give all the details on WHY I cut those friends out. Basically we grew apart. I'm trying to look forward to and focus on the future while they are stuck in their own ways and in the past. Their priorities are screwed up to where their definition of hanging out is smoking pot and drinking at bars, clubs, and partying in general. I'm trying to grow up a little and not do that stuff anymore, so it's hard to be around tha
  6. I totally get it, maybe the wording I have in this post does come off arrogant, but I assure you that that image is false. I'm not that type of person in any way. I've never been cocky or arrogant my entire life, because I believe in karma and have always treated others the same way they treat me. I've never been a sour person and I'm actually one of the nicest people you would come across in person. Everyone always seems happy to see me in person rather than "ugh this guy again", as well as my old friends telling me that I'm a great friend despite them not being so themselves. It's just when
  7. Judging a person's character because of their user name says alot about yours. I only chose MrIncredible because the other names I picked were either already taken or too long to use. Also I was watching the movie 'The Incredibles' with my niece shortly before I made the account, and she called me that name a couple times as a joke in reference to the movie, so I went with it. I'm not desperate or think I'm better than others, it's just that I feel like I honestly have all the credentials in what makes a good friend, yet no one wants to hang or return the favor. I either get flaked on or ig
  8. Something that's been really bothering me lately is that I cannot make friends for the life of me these days. The past year or so, I've made some changes to my lifestyle. I've been going to the gym and working out like a mad man to where I am in the best physical shape I have ever been in to where I get compliments all the time from my peers, I have a stable good paying job, just bought a newish car, etc. Basically, I have my sh*t together. I'm kind, good looking, considerate, reliable, trustworthy, fun to be around, and anytime I have interacted or hungout with someone, we always have a good
  9. Honestly, girls on Bumble and Tinder change their minds at the flip of a dime that being 'ghosted' or left on read is pretty common. They have so many options of guys to choose from on there that she could have easily lost interest just like that, or had other guys she was talking to and wanting to meet up with. Girls like to 'test the waters' and see what's out there, because if they are attractive and are on those apps, they like to be picky. When you talk to her, are you texting her via the app or her actual phone? Maybe give her a call? If it's been a couple days since you last message
  10. Yup I'd say you're overreacting. I wouldn't stress about being left on read immediately, he probably got busy or didn't have an answer for you yet. It's really easy to open a message and get distracted by something; at least for me anyway. You yourself said that he's busy with switching jobs and stuff anyway. Now, if he left you on read after like 3 messages with hours in between or he wasn't contacting you after a few days, then maybe you can stress a little as that could be a sign he's lost interest.
  11. I'm sorry that you're going through this, luckily you don't have to face this alone! You are taking the right steps already by deleting him off of social media and initiating no contact, you're doing great so far. You need to accept the situation for how it is, and don't let your mind play tricks on you by making you think that it can in fact 'work out' and you open contact again just to potentially fall into another slump. It seems like he's coming up with excuses to break it off, such as "I don't want to feel like you're doing all the work", because while you are initiating it by visitin
  12. What are you looking for what this girl, sex, or anything you can get? You might have to forget about dating or getting a proper date with her if that's what you want, she's moving in a month and she is very likely not thinking about dating right now especially long distance. Her mind is on a bunch of other things, dates I guarantee is not one of them at the moment. BUT, she might be open to having a little fun before she leaves if you're open to that as well, which is totally doable IF she's even single. See if you can force a conversation with her, and it can be anything really. Talk abou
  13. I'm sorry, but I laughed. How ignorant can you be? Thread title: "It it cheating?" Third sentence in: "We both were betraying our partners and that is why I regret a lot." The hell is this. You are both cheating on your partners, and you are more concerned about whether this guy, who is cheating on his own partner, is cheating on you, in which you are also cheating on your own partner? Christ, I have no words. Absolutely awful. There is no supporting this, this thread should just be closed.
  14. My biggest advice is treat it casual, and not like a job interview. Be relaxed, and most importantly, be yourself. You being relaxed will make him more relaxed, and vice versa. You don't have to constantly ask each other questions back and forth, it's kinda awkward doing that. I promise you that he is thinking the same exact thing as you are also. Walk into the date care-free with no expectations. Like your friends, conversation should be natural and freely happen. As others have said though, try to avoid politics, sex, exes, and religion. If any of those accidentally come up (religion and
  15. Me personally, I'd back off, at least for now. She could have been drunk, is playing games, or one of her friends sent that to mess with her (cruel enough this does happen). If the contact slowed down, it's definitely weird that she would randomly send that to you. I would have replied with "whoa that's out of the blue!" or something if it were me, because it is and I like getting to the point. I don't have time to play games anymore. If she left you on read, I would leave it at that. If she contacts you again, go from there but don't push it to meet with her right away, try to see what she
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