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  1. Yeah I keep thinking about it. Before he ghosted, like the day/days before, he was really into me, consistent, initiated conversation when I let it die down, flirted heavily, etc. Then literally overnight, ghost. I dont know how someone loses interest overnight...and had he had another girl on the side before that, I feel I would've sensed it by his actions/effort in me, but he seemed really focused on me the whole time before that, like arranged his schedule to see me almost daily, always msgd me etc. He did all this for like 2 or 3 months straight. He's a pretty nice guy and has only been in
  2. Thank you for your input, it makes sense for sure. We didnt meet online though, we met in person/work in the same building, before we began texting we talked in person occasionally, then he texted me and was very responsive for a few months before he dipped. Which left me confused. I do think he thinks he shouldnt/doesnt have to respond all the time, since I'm not his gf, which makes sense but also why respond the last while before that then?? Was he waiting til he 'had me' to bounce?? I wouldnt care about him ghosting if he wasnt consistent before that. There was an unspoken expectat
  3. Thank you. I agree yeah, thing is we did see each other in person during that time, often, he arranged his breaks at work to match mine and everything, before he back off. Now we dont see each other or speak much but if I do see him, he's still a little nervous around me like he used to be from the start, which I found cute always, and is always standing super close to me etc. So I dont understand it.
  4. sorry i didnt clarify, we work in the same building, we did see each other in person and even leave work together etc. it wasnt a phone relationship only. but i get your point, thank you
  5. He's not ghosting, that would require nothing from him, he'd just dip. He told you something is going on, give him his space. Maybe hes dealing with something else in his life and cant focus on dating at the moment. You focus on yourself and he returns with an explanation or apology then decide to proceed. Otherwise, ignore and do you. You did nothing wrong.
  6. I dont think its set in stone but a little time apart allows you both to miss each other, creates more anticipation and keeps things fun during this stage. Dont mold your current relationship to your past failed ones....its a different person, different connection. Enjoy yourself, set your own pace to the two of you.
  7. Hi. I'm wondering if someone could provide their input on a situation i was in. This guy I've known through friends for some time expressed interest in me, he pursued me, flirted, and we spoke pretty much daily via text or in person for about 2 or 3 months. He seemed really interested in me and it was clear he wasnt talking to~ any other girl at the time except me. He even asked me out at one point, and we'd arranged that date, but then something else unrelated to both of us happened so that didnt end up happening at that time, but we still continued to chat/flirt like usual, and things seeme
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