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  1. I've been trying to focus on myself. Even though I have lots of friends and hobbies it has been really tough.
  2. Seems like this could be it..He also now said he wants me to meet his brother who will be in town in about a week and a half
  3. We've been talking somewhat (I never initiate). He has felt really sad (crying a lot) the last few days because he misses me, thinks he may have made a mistake with me and regrets taking this new job. Also said he feels upset that he doesn't know what he wants. That made me feel really concerned and hopeless.
  4. If you don't see them for an entire weekend even when offering to help with household stuff, etc. I have had similar periods where I work a lot and have almost no time, but have a very different communication style and still would want to see him
  5. In general I tried to lay off and do my own thing but there have definitely been several instances where I have complained/freaked out at him. We have been talking a bit during this time but I never initiate. I've been focusing on doing my own thing.
  6. Dated for about 8 months prior to this. We are in mid20s/early 30s. Relationship was pretty good prior to this. We both work in small, white-collar industries where dating someone at the office would be pretty taboo and damaging to one's career.
  7. BF started a new job about a month ago that has heavier work hours and intensity. They have a big deadline next month and everyone on the team has been working 17+ hour days. Since the job started, we have been spending less time together and talking less. Several days ago he told me (through a lot of tears)that he's been so overwhelmed with the increased hours and it adds to his stress that he isn't able to spend as much time with me or be there for me as much as I deserve. He wants to be on a break until the deadline is over, but still wants to talk and hang out when we are able. Not sure how to best proceed. I am definitely focusing on living my own life and not focusing on him. I just don't know if this is even worth my energy to consider at all. It's been really hard
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