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  1. This is painfully honest. Thank you for your input. since posting this on here and reddit I've been taking all comments very seriously and they have definitely helped and motivated me to move on. I've been trying to mentally get over it and physically, and slowly but surely feelings are running away. I've come to realize how true the things you guys say are whether or not I want them to be true. The biggest being she definitely loves him more than me. And for me to just stick around through that would be terrible. I'm taking this from here on out the way I need to handle it, but I am very than
  2. This is a strong way to word it that really helps. This is as true as it gets and honestly where I am at this point. A mentor of mine told me something in high school that has always stuck with me, basically that there has never been a girl that you've been with, that you haven't gotten over. As basic and complex of a statement it is, and as harsh as it is, it makes this just a little better because I know it is true because, well it is.
  3. This really hit me because this is the truth I needed to hear. But first, I’m not attracted to her damage in anyway, I just feel like she deserves the best and I can give it to her. I believe what else you said is true. The more and more I read and think of it you are right, I’m not in the exact same situation as she was, but it’s damn near the same thing. I agree I need to get out of it and try to better myself than to sit in my lonesome hoping she comes back. It’s hard to put thoughts into words right now but thank you, really, for the response. It means a lot when I feel like Ive been
  4. Thanks for reading and replying, it really does mean a lot to me. At this moment I feel like I need to stay in this for as long as she does. She truly isn't messing around with anyone else, trying anything with anyone else, or anything of the matter. And i mentally can't wrap my head around being with anybody else. All of me wants to be with her no matter the situation, but you guys definitely have given me a very good perspective that I am definitely taking into account. But for me to see how ed up she is over this, to see how truly blind sided she was, I feel like I can't just ditch it
  5. Thank you kindly for reading and for the lengthy reply. I definitely agree with you that loving the pain away or trying to shove the pain away is only going to make it worse. And if im being honest with myself, trying to move on and just live my life is exactly what i should do. But that would just be throwing away the thought of a future with her and its all i dream of. You're completely right and it's a mistake im going to have to learn. But as i see it, it's just a risk i have to take to be with someone who means everything to me.
  6. I'm 21, and my Gf/ex is 22 Important Backstory From like 2015-2018 my girlfriend/ex was interested in this guy, we will call him J. J had a baby momma who lived about an hour away, who he had no romantic feelings for but was taking care of his kid with her, and also had feelings for my current girlfriend/ex, we will call her K. My girlfriend/ex was very much in love with this guy and wanted a relationship with him, but J didn't want a relationship with her but wanted to be exclusively together with her. So for about 3 years she is very much in love with him, and he has feelings for her,
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