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  1. That's true, I do feel like he's done as much as he can to prove his commitment now. Thanks for the reply!
  2. thanks for your reply! Your point of reexamining the relationship in terms of how it is now is a good one, thank you for your advice
  3. We weren't officially together, but like I said he had the intention of wanting me to be his girlfriend, and we were exclusive in the fact that we were only seeing eachother and that was pretty clear.
  4. We were talking about trust in a relationship and I brought up what happened before, and then he confessed this to me
  5. My boyfriend and I have been together 9 months, and I have a worry I can't seem to shake. Here's some background: Before we started dating he had a big crush on a girl he shared a flat with, but I assumed those feelings had subsided as we started getting closer. 3 months in to the relationship (since the first date) he went on a night out, had a lot to drink, and made a move on his old crush. By 'made a move' I mean danced with her and grabbed her butt. A couple days later, after debating whether to tell me or not, he told me about what happened. He assured me he didn't still like her and s
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