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  1. Just from the text and time frame, not good. Buffer
  2. No, she has been cheating for a while now. Buffer
  3. Please, tell BS, he needs to be tested for STDs and STIs. File for D now and be generous in the D so not to continue to traumatise you husband. Seek legal advice, joint 50-50 custody. Let hubby have generous access to the children, while you move out and set up home for your new man. After all he will leave his wife, just in a few years. Better now that later, OMM may find another true love. D hubby now so he can find a true woman who will love and support him and your children. The hassle being that they will call your husband’s new partner mum for 50% of their life. But you new this when y
  4. I really think you need a new therapist. It is just enabling your wife and this other man. Buffer
  5. Hey brother could you tell us a little but more information. Was she seeing this person and was the cause for the break? How often have they been meeting? What other causes for friction are there at the family unit? Just so advice can be offered a better picture is needed. Either way, strength to you. Buffer
  6. Sorry brother, this isn’t flirting, it is cheating. She gaslight you then when shown her actions, she lied to protect the OM. No job is worth putting up with a cheating, disrespectful actions. She can either give up the job or give up the marriage. Do you want to be waiting for her to come home how many hours after the bar is closed before you say enough. One day at a time. Buffer
  7. Would you like to build a home based on a flawed foundation? The home may look good but it will crack, crumble and eventually collapse. I take it it has to do with infidelity, tell the poor man, he has the right to know so he can make the correct decision for him, you lost that call for the relationship when you fell onto the other person’s you know what.
  8. Hi Londonswag I hope this isn’t painful but How painful this is to him? You have no boundaries with your friend, you have ruined this friendship, it died the day you had sex with him. You either have to sever this friendship now or break up with your man! Your long term boy friend will have his suspicions, your actions would have changed over the years and unfortunately he would have picked up on these. He would have felt like he is the third wheel, how often were you pleased when his work schedule changed at short notice? Break it off now let your long term boyfriend go, tell him
  9. The mind movies of this breach of trust I. Your own home, your own bed, just a bitter betrayal of trust. Burn the bed, burn the couch that he sat on, in front of her!
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