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  1. I don't believe anything justifies cheating. I gave him a chance because he said he felt deep remorse for his actions, as he should, and I trusted he would not do it again, that he had changed as a result of his losses. What began to bother me was that I felt he had so much guilt over his actions, and spoke so highly of these women, that I wondered how he felt about me in comparison. I felt he was with me kind of by default (he said these relationships were basically perfect). It's why I asked him what he meant when he said I was "the one" - I wanted to believe, naively maybe, that he felt som
  2. Very insightful read on it, thanks. I guess I just feel like i'm partly to blame for having asked him to compare. It was insecure of me. And when he answered honestly, I couldn't handle the answer.
  3. Yes, I definitely have to keep my eyes open. I think though that what bothers me most is that he said I'm not better or prettier than any of his exes and that his feelings for me are not stronger or deeper than they were in his past relationships. I feel like if i'm "the one" there should be something about me that is more special - so it was a hurtful to hear he felt the same way about all of them. Am I just insecure or is my hurt warranted?
  4. Thanks guys, for your thoughts. I agree the past cheating worries me. He told me when we started dating, and let it go because he said that he did counselling after (and had been single for two years). He recognizes that what he did ruined the lives of those girls, and he deeply regrets it. He said he "didn't appreciate what he had" and that they were all amazing, beautiful women. In fact, he holds them in such high esteem that he told me I was their "equivalent." This hurt, but maybe i'm just insecure? I agree we moved in quickly, but I thought we we're both in our mid thirties and I thought
  5. My boyfriend and I (both mid thirties) have been dating for eight months. We recently moved in together. He told me his last three long term relationships ended because he cheated. He has learned form his mistakes, and said they were all amazing, beautiful girls, and that the only reason these relationships ended was because of his cheating. I trust that he wont do it again, because he deeply regrets it. He's told me I was "the one" and I asked what makes him think that - I showed my insecurity by asking if he said that because he loves me more than he's ever loved anyone. He said he did not l
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