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  1. It's all good if it wasn't for the fact she owes me money and the stuff back from house I wouldn't have contacted her. It was her idea to do so. Trust me I'm not again my life is moving forward pretty good now and I dont want this to drag me down. The more I see she has so many issues even the way she replied. Karma will catch up with her
  2. Update it's been months since we last spoke and it was left at she was going to square up with me when our schedules lined up. So doing as she asked I emailed her to let her know I was back home. He reply was why you telling me this. I need to move on and get help. Also said she was dating someone. The thing is this was her idea to do this. I replied with you asked me to tell you when I was back home. She said I was crazy and made this up. I then forward her the email she wrote me about squaring up with me. She got all mad and said if I contact her again she was calling the cops. I have no intention in ever contacting her again and even when I did the other day it was against my better judgment. She lives close and I've ran into her once already. All I could do was look the other way and mind my own business
  3. It's been a few months now and I still love you the same before you left there isnt a day that goes by I dont think of you. I miss you and want you to come home
  4. It's a very difficult thing to do NC. She never was in my area where I live and now she move just up the road from me. I was looking for her just drove by on my way home. I no longer go that way. I tried the online dating thing. Either her or a friend with a fake profile contact me the first day I was on it second I was tag in a pic of her and one of her friends I deleted it and blocked her friend. Most of her friends are in the same place. Failed relationship and marriages. They need to validate the lifestyles online to make them feel better I'm having a hard enough time as it is. I don't need this drama. I don't want to know what she is doing
  5. Been weeks now. Doing my best doing everything to avoid everything just wish her and her friends would stop playing games with me
  6. Still going strong with NC I wish I would have done this sooner but like most people being dumped, the hope of getting back together and trying to make it work happens
  7. 3 days NC it's a start but needs to be done
  8. I have arrange for a councilor meeting when I get back. This stuff drives my anxiety through the roof.
  9. Pretty sure we will never speak again. She email me today. And of course on my first day back to work. Yes I new this was going to happen but just reading it made it sink in. Back to being strangers I will never understand that part but moving forward I must
  10. So so true I see her honeymoon period was over before mine and she made up some BS excuse. I can honestly say with 100% confidence she made up stuff to justify leaving she made me feel like I hurt her in some way and disappointed the kids Yes I did love her so with that being said and how she left really does a number on person. I will get over it. It Makes me feel better to vent about it and hear others peoples views on here.
  11. 3 months and a wonderful vacation together before. I know it looks like way to soon . But it just felt right to do so. She was living in a small apartment. The thing is we were going so good together. Maybe I was a convenience until she got her feet back on the ground. Just like that gone
  12. Thank you. I knows it will get better and the part of knowing why will not bother me anymore
  13. Thank you. I'm past the part of she owes me. I'm not expecting or wanting it anymore. I knows the truth with it. The thing is there wasnt a single problem. And we were so happy what we told the kids 5 days before. And really what the disagreement was about was bs to leave the way she did. She came into money so when you start adding stuff up. You see what kind of person she is and why she left. I did help her out but that's what you do. All I said was I will help and cover things until you get back on your feet. Her reply was I will pay you back and thank you. Well everyone knows what happened lol Each day is getting a bit better and less of a sting but it will take time especial how it all took place
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