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  1. Hello, so I have been recently thinking about an old friend of mine that I knew for several years. A couple of years ago, She came out to me as a lesbian. However, as the years have gone on, I have noticed some things that might mean she was into me at one point. Such as, sometimes she would playfully ruffle my hair, put her head on my shoulder when standing in the starbucks lines or even wanting to stay over at my place every weekend. Now, she never attempted to make a move on me because she knows that I am straight. She has even told me that "I am not her type". She can also be a little crit
  2. @DancingFool you got a good point. I think I will be letting her go. No reason to start up more drama and I would rather not hear any more excuses or lies. It hurts, but I will get over it and find better friends.
  3. Yes. Unfortunately. But she has told me that she has started counseling. She seems to be a much nicer person now over the phone.
  4. Here is the thing to note.. She has let two of her friends from her school stay with her for multiple nights. It isn't that she has an issue with people coming over due to coronavirus. She still goes out and hangs out with people. She always cancels on me specifically.
  5. Alright so I have had this friend since the 7th grade and we have been to high school together and college. Last year was pretty rough because we both went through hard times and didn't speak to each other for 8 months. I also stopped talking to her and even blocked her because of some bad blood with her and old friends we hung out with. However, during this coronavirus pandemic, I decided to reach out because I was concerned about her. So i emailed her and she surprisingly replied back and we have been chatting back and forth since March of this year. She has also been going to counseling so
  6. Hello, so I have come across something that I feel like is towards me and I want to see what people think about the situation. Anyways, some background info.. I was friends with this one girl since the 7th grade. In the past year I noticed a huge change from her. We actually went to the same college together for a year. We did everything together and she was a good friend for a long time. However, she ended up with the wrong crowd and that changed her. She suddenly became resentful and she would always criticize everything I did. It would hurt me and I tried to talk to her about it but she nev
  7. Should I just go ahead and block him on instagram and forget about him completely? If he actually doesn't care about me as a friend like I suspect, then it shouldn't cause any problems. Right?
  8. Yes. She knew about him. She met him when she came to help my mom and I move our brother into his dorm room. She knew that I had a crush on him the whole time I was in college and up until now. She was the one who suddenly sent him a message last week telling him that I had a crush on him. I did not tell her to do that. He knew that I had a crush on him because my brother told him when they were roommates, but he was too afraid to reject me up until now. Since she texted him that night, i am suspecting they have been talking nonstop.
  9. I honestly am not worried that he rejected me. I really don't care. Through this whole thing, it has made me realize that he isn't a good person. It honestly just makes me hurt that my sister would develop a relationship with him. It is like backstabbing. I am afraid that if I ask her about this AGAIN, there will be resentment and we already have problems with each other enough. Maybe I should just pretend that they aren't really talking....
  10. Hello, me again. A new conflict has risen from my last post about the same situation. Anyways, So my sister was the one who started this drama without my knowledge (see last post for details) and then Brian (my ex crush) reached out to me and rejected me. Anyways, in the past week, I have noticed that my sister has constantly been on her phone, more often than usual. I also notice that when she gets onto Instagram and active on chat, Brian becomes active on chat and this lasts for hours. The both of them active at the same time and their last active timestamps are very close. This could not be
  11. I am reading the responses and so far I am noticing that people believe that I still have a crush on Brian. That is wrong. I also did not make my siblings text him to tell him that I had a crush on him. They did that behind my back and then revealed to me what they did later on. Brian actually did reject me through text after my siblings texted him and I accepted. I had a feeling for months that he was not interested. The reason why I am upset about all of this is because I believe it is wrong to lie to someone and tell them that you care about them and that if you need to talk to them at any
  12. To begin, I will add a little backstory. So there was this guy who I hung out with at college last year during the first semester. We have been talking back and forth for the past 10 months. We had this group of friends that we would always hang out with as well. Anyways, this guy was my brother's roommate. My brother went to the college we attended for only a couple of months. Anyways, I had a huge crush on my brother's roommate. We will call this guy, "Brian". Anyways, my brother knew that I had a crush on Brian. I had my brother inform Brian that I was interested in him. He did that and day
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