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  1. My husband and I got back together in January after a 3 year separation. I temporarily moved back into our house, as it is our plan to sell and buy a new one next year. While I as rearranging a few things, I came across some articles of clothing from his interim relationship. When I mentioned it to him, he threw them away immediately. At that time I asked if there was anything else in the house that belonged to her, he wasn't sure and offered to go through the house with me. We cleaned the house from top to bottom, throwing away quite a few items, including bedding, towels, and other g
  2. My partner and I broke up after 4 great years together. We broke up when we realized that we wanted different things for the future. It was a tough decision, but amicable. We remained friendly and even hung out a few times, strictly platonic. After 4 years separated, we got back together. It's been 18 mos since we reconciled and moved in together. The energy in our relationship feels different, stronger. People say there is no such thing as perfect, but I feel it's all relative because for what we now want for our future, we are perfect for each other.
  3. He used to tell me that I 'poked' at him too much to cause the conflict and then I would end up yelling at him. I was coming to terms with whatever was bothering me about him, that's why we were going to therapy.
  4. They knew each other for a long time before they dated, because of mutual friends but were together for about 4 years I think. I never demanded anything, I just asked him to stop communicating with her and to take down her pics. He still had family pics on his social media with her in them. Whenever we argued, I yelled and I threw a book at him once. He doesn't yell so I guess he thinks I have issues.
  5. Thank you. I guess he was 'fed up' like you say, but the good times keep ringing in my head. how do I move on? What steps do I take?
  6. My boyfriend (48) and I (36) were together for almost 3 years. We broke up a few times in between but were trying to work it out. Then we had the biggest fight in January. He used to tell me that I need to fix my anger issues, that I dont know how to act right. I tried to get back with him asking him to continue therapy but he said no. Then last week I found out that he is now back with his ex-girlfriend and they just moved in together. They dont have kids, but broken up for a long time when I met him. She still hung around his sister and did freelance work for his cousin. I saw her at a
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