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  1. ppp86

    Trust issues

    No he hasnt messaged her since. It took place over a year ago and i have been struglling with it ever since. i love my boyfriend very much so i thought this would be enough to get past it. But i cant
  2. ppp86

    Trust issues

    Thanks. i actually thought when i wrote on here i would be told to "get over it". In a weird way its comforting to know what im feeling is normal after what he has done.
  3. ppp86

    Trust issues

    you're absolutely right.
  4. ppp86

    Trust issues

    thank you. this makes sense xc
  5. ppp86

    Trust issues

    no apart from that. there has been nothing. i just cant seem to stop worrying about it. i know this is my issue x
  6. ppp86

    Trust issues

    i seen the message on his phone. it happened a few months before i seen it. and he says he was drunk when he sent it.
  7. ppp86

    Trust issues

    Hi I am looking for some advice possibly from someone who is in or has been in a similar situation to me in the past. I have been with my partner for 3 years and our life is almost perfect apart from one niggling matter that comes up alot when we have a drink.. mostly on my part. a year ago i found out he had been messaging a girl from his past behind my back, telling her she looked amazing etc. i believe thats all it was as he has promised me this. and to most people i guess this is nothing to worry about. but i do. all the time. before i met my oh i was in a relationship for 10 years w
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