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  1. Hey Cope, thank you for your reply. Both answers are really insightful considering he was the one to say he had come to this realisation a long time ago, so it makes full sense for him to be at a different stage to me. Im sure ill stop fantasising soon enough! Thank you x
  2. Thank you, Honestly. All of the advise you have given, believe it or not really has been taken in and processed. x
  3. I do agree, its my version of venting and believe me, i already think everything you are saying, i guess i just like confirmation from an outsider perspective. To be completley honest, the time we have been away from eachother, as much as it has sucked, i definitley have been able to focus on myself alot more already. Ive actually booked for me to go travelling and i leave on the 18th so being away from everything with no reception will probably benefit better also.
  4. Hi, me again. Im becoming very regular on here but it is honestly because i value everything you advise! so here goes again. The last time i posted on here, You advised (for the second time) to cut my ex off as he is just playing serious games. I listened but honestly havent been ballsy enough to go through the whole blocking stage yet. I have however deleted his number and i dont have him on any social medias as ive deactivated mine for breathing space for myself. Saturday the 22nd he texted and wished my mum a happy birthday, i said thank you and that i do wish him the best. He proceeded to question me on what i meant by 'wishing him the best with life' when i say you know what i meant, he explains he was only contacing me to be amicable and he wasnt trying to be misleading? Whatever. I didnt respond. I have however made the mistake of looking on his social media accounts and aswell as uploading images and videos of him out looking happy, socially interacting with girls he didnt know when we was together. He has posted a few very cryptic quotes; example 'Dont let a smile fool you' and 'Everyone we meet is fighting a battle we know nothing about' he has also changed his profile picture to an image of he and i and compelty cropped me out (lol) (Before you rip me to shreds, i am literally just going through the motions and as ive had alot of time on my hands in the past few days, yes... i am analyising everything) i just thought this was worth mentioning. Since the 22nd (when he wished my mum a happy birthday) we hadnt spoken, i havent contacted him and vice versa. UNTIL, 7:30am this morning, my phone is ringing on a private number. Im in two minds but i eventually answer as i am up getting ready for work. Its him. At first, he asks me why ive blocked his number because hes been trying to text me but its not delivering (i know this is a lie because as i mentioned previously, i havent blocked his number) I very bluntly reply that i dont know why that is. He asks me if im okay, I bluntly say Yes, you? and he begins to tell me how he is really down and has not been eating or sleeping. His voice does sound very low and he doesnt seem himself, like something is seriously up with him. I eventually say i have to go because i have work and the call ends. My heart says i want to be there for him because i know he has been depressed before and ofcourse i care about him but my head, my head says that doing this wont benefit me at all. Although still trying to come to terms with the situation, i am still extremely hurt, as to be expected. If he is sad, why doesnt he be honest and upfront about the reasons why?
  5. Thank you so much, from the bottom of my heart. Your words have all really hit home. Funnily enough, he called while i was at work this afternoon and verbally abused me til the point of me being in tears. So i guess that was my cherry to my cake, thats my hands washed, im really broken right now.
  6. Hi. So i posted in here a couple of days ago about my partner of 3 years who broke it off with me suddenly but was still reaching out every day telling me he loves me and doesnt want to lose me. I would ask him to meet or for us to talk and his response would be hes busy but does see us getting back together 'soon' but for now theres things we need to work on. Alot of the responses i recieved were people telling me to cut contact as his actions appear as he may have met someone else. Therefore, that is what i did. I went cold turkey and havent responded to his constant calls and texts for several days, as hard as it is for me. However, his approach now is blaming me for the ending of our relationship, he is acting competly irrational with the things he is saying and taking it as me not responding to him means i dont want to be with him? i recieve texts asking me if this is because i want to move on and meet someone else? and then the texts that he loves me and doesnt want to lose me flood in. SO FINALLY, i respond with a short and sweet paragraph that I love you and currently im not moving on with someone else but this on and off contact is extremely painful for me. But this is what you wanted. If you want to come home, you can. His response 'this isnt what i wanted at all' He loves me, doesnt want to lose me but NEEDS MORE TIME. The problem is, I love him and i miss him terribly but i was not the person who ended things. If i could click my fingers and we was the way we were before, i really would. What should i do now because currently im finidng it hard to breath. Thank you,
  7. Hey, well firstly, you should only ever go as far as what YOUR comfortable with. There is no harm in kissing and dry humping as long as you have clearly set your boundaries with this guy and he understands that, for now, this is as frisky as i want to get. Please dont rush sex with someone that your not comfortable with and can trust fully, because i promise when you are comfortable with him or someone else, you wont have any of these concerns. Just go with your flow and what you want to do and what you feel is right. As for the hurting, it probably is just the friction of the clothes and the fact that he is arroused... which im sure there has been a worse discomfort.
  8. I know your very right. I guess me saying its confusing is my little bit of hope.
  9. I agree, it is just so difficult to do especially as i never wanted it to be over to begin with. Thank you Rose x
  10. He is completly lukewarm. I ignored him for not even a day and he literally blew my phone up asking me what i was doing and is this really how im acting? Its extrremly confusing. At the same time of not wanting to see me, he messages at night asking if i need anything before he gets home? but wont commit to meeting? Do i just commit to ignoring?
  11. Not his first love no, but first serious/ intense relationship yes.
  12. I completly respect that to be honest with you, we've actually had this conversation a few times because ive said to him he should be experiencing more and he has always convinced me otherwise because "hes older in his mind", What do you think i should do?
  13. Silly question but what should i do? this sucks.
  14. Ive been more than understand so why cant he just be honest about it? it would hurt me but it hurts more not knowing.
  15. Hello, Im 23 and have been with my partner 2 and a half years. He is 21. However, approximatly nearly 3 weeks ago he randomly woke up in the morning and told me he didnt want to be with me anymore and that he didnt love me anymore. Obviously this took me by complete suprise and knocked the wind out of me because previous to that we had been so inlove. We didnt speak for a couple of days as he said he needed space, i didnt contact him out of respect, as much as it hurt to keep away. He then gets in contact via text and has been in contact everyday since, telling me he didnt mean it, he loves me more than anything and it was because he felt suffocated and that im too much? i apparently stress him out and dont let him live his life?! i never knew he felt like this because up until then he had never expressed this to me, our relationship seemed perfect and i have never forced him to be with me. Since he contacted, numoreous times i have asked him to meet up with me because i think we need to speak about our situation face to face and each and everytime he has an excuse that 'hes busy' BUT when i pull away, he texts and tells me he misses and loves me so much. I want to believe him so badly but his actions say different. I really do love him and im so confused, he wont talk to me about what is going on so i am stuck in limbo. I dont understand how someone can wake up one day and not feel the same as the night before and for so much to change so quickly. My insecurities are saying its because hes seeing someone else although when ive asked, he tells me that its honestly not the case. Maybe TMI but the other night whilst in a flirty conversation i asked him to come over for sex but he turned me down because he was 'busy'. Hes continuing to subtly flirt and contact me but doesnt want to go any further? I just feel like a complete idiot. Our relationship was never like this so what has changed? Its hurting me so much to not know and i cant help but feel like its my fault.
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