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  1. Hey Cope, thank you for your reply. Both answers are really insightful considering he was the one to say he had come to this realisation a long time ago, so it makes full sense for him to be at a different stage to me. Im sure ill stop fantasising soon enough! Thank you x
  2. Thank you, Honestly. All of the advise you have given, believe it or not really has been taken in and processed. x
  3. I do agree, its my version of venting and believe me, i already think everything you are saying, i guess i just like confirmation from an outsider perspective. To be completley honest, the time we have been away from eachother, as much as it has sucked, i definitley have been able to focus on myself alot more already. Ive actually booked for me to go travelling and i leave on the 18th so being away from everything with no reception will probably benefit better also.
  4. Hi, me again. Im becoming very regular on here but it is honestly because i value everything you advise! so here goes again. The last time i posted on here, You advised (for the second time) to cut my ex off as he is just playing serious games. I listened but honestly havent been ballsy enough to go through the whole blocking stage yet. I have however deleted his number and i dont have him on any social medias as ive deactivated mine for breathing space for myself. Saturday the 22nd he texted and wished my mum a happy birthday, i said thank you and that i do wish him the best. He procee
  5. Thank you so much, from the bottom of my heart. Your words have all really hit home. Funnily enough, he called while i was at work this afternoon and verbally abused me til the point of me being in tears. So i guess that was my cherry to my cake, thats my hands washed, im really broken right now.
  6. Hi. So i posted in here a couple of days ago about my partner of 3 years who broke it off with me suddenly but was still reaching out every day telling me he loves me and doesnt want to lose me. I would ask him to meet or for us to talk and his response would be hes busy but does see us getting back together 'soon' but for now theres things we need to work on. Alot of the responses i recieved were people telling me to cut contact as his actions appear as he may have met someone else. Therefore, that is what i did. I went cold turkey and havent responded to his constant calls and texts for s
  7. Hey, well firstly, you should only ever go as far as what YOUR comfortable with. There is no harm in kissing and dry humping as long as you have clearly set your boundaries with this guy and he understands that, for now, this is as frisky as i want to get. Please dont rush sex with someone that your not comfortable with and can trust fully, because i promise when you are comfortable with him or someone else, you wont have any of these concerns. Just go with your flow and what you want to do and what you feel is right. As for the hurting, it probably is just the friction of the clothes and
  8. I know your very right. I guess me saying its confusing is my little bit of hope.
  9. I agree, it is just so difficult to do especially as i never wanted it to be over to begin with. Thank you Rose x
  10. He is completly lukewarm. I ignored him for not even a day and he literally blew my phone up asking me what i was doing and is this really how im acting? Its extrremly confusing. At the same time of not wanting to see me, he messages at night asking if i need anything before he gets home? but wont commit to meeting? Do i just commit to ignoring?
  11. Not his first love no, but first serious/ intense relationship yes.
  12. I completly respect that to be honest with you, we've actually had this conversation a few times because ive said to him he should be experiencing more and he has always convinced me otherwise because "hes older in his mind", What do you think i should do?
  13. Silly question but what should i do? this sucks.
  14. Ive been more than understand so why cant he just be honest about it? it would hurt me but it hurts more not knowing.
  15. Hello, Im 23 and have been with my partner 2 and a half years. He is 21. However, approximatly nearly 3 weeks ago he randomly woke up in the morning and told me he didnt want to be with me anymore and that he didnt love me anymore. Obviously this took me by complete suprise and knocked the wind out of me because previous to that we had been so inlove. We didnt speak for a couple of days as he said he needed space, i didnt contact him out of respect, as much as it hurt to keep away. He then gets in contact via text and has been in contact everyday since, telling me he didnt mean it, he loves me
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