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  1. It’s still angst and worry. It wasn’t financially sensible, at all, but I paid as much as I could right now and told him I’ll sort the rest as soon as I can, but to please not contact me. Yes I know I need to expand my circle and stop socialising with these guys. They seem to be the only type to approach me and I end up back in with this type of guy. But things need to change. Tbh, I am taking a break from dating, meeting anyone right now.
  2. No, I paid myself. It wasn’t financially sensible, but I can’t rest with him still having that tie to me in some way
  3. Well, I paid him. I now hope I can close this chapter and thread for good! Thank you for all the advice I’ve been given
  4. I spoke to a local adviser this morning. They advised if I set up a payment plan, which I have for my maximum affordability, technically he could still take me to court. Whether he won or not would be a different matter. So it seems that although I have offered this and he is still continuing the demanding emails, they can’t do a lot more. I guess I’m fearful of what he does next etc as a person
  5. We have already rescued that point. I want nothing to do with him and I do imagine vice versa. This has just became a war to get at me now. He does not care for me in any way shape or form, and I am fully aware of that. The same way I do not care for him in that way, he has put me through hell. I got an aggressive email this morning to my old gmail telling me I am a ‘f***ing joke’ and to pay him in full immediately. So yes, I am very much done and I want out because I cannot take him any longer.
  6. Yup you are right. I think I’ve lost a lot of confidence since all this so I’m wary of being bad mouthed now. It will get easier and one day soon I won’t care, I hope x
  7. Thank you. This will also not enable him to label me with any ‘gold digger’ tag or worse. I feel strangely positive about doing it.
  8. The responses I’ve had that suggest I’m doing this because I want to stay attached to him some way are completely false. I don’t think those who responded to this realise how badly I want to be done with this hence me paying as much as I can afford. I want to ESCAPE this whole situation. Even his name in my email inbox gives me a horrible overwhelming feeling of anxiety, dread and upset. I have set up the 3 payments from tomorrow and then will be blocking him from emailing me. He will not like this and may get mad, but at least I cannot be scared of what I cannot see. He has sent me one more email this evening asking when It will be done and the amount. I am not engaging as he is looking for further arguments or a response due to the way he worded it. I just want out and for my mental health to be restored.
  9. Sorry to hear about your stalker situation tattoobunnie. But yes I couldn’t agree more with the last part, even when I do pay which I will be doing, I dread the next thing that he will find to try and bring chaos into my life. He’s already ruined it with a guy I was interested in, completely separate to this !
  10. I think I need to adopt your bravery and try chuckle, lol! I am going to take the high road and arranageme a payment plan and pray he doesn’t find another way to contact me after this ! :/
  11. Again thank you everyone. I appreciate every single response. I know none of us here are lawyers, but I also needed advice on what others would do from an emotional aspect or ‘right or wrong’. So as an update, I emailed him 30 mins ago, I said I will set up a monthly payment plan that I can afford as a maximum and then want NO further contact. Just an email back confirming yes that’s fine. He then emails back pretty much instantly saying ‘so you ignore me and then come back with this? So how come you can’t pay me upfront? Spending all your money on other trips with other people then?’ Jeez this guy. I try to do the right thing and he still can’t just accept it. In ANYCASE, I will be paying him monthly. I won’t even be biting in response to that email. But yes, everybody who states that he is behaving like this to partly be an a** and spite me, point proven. Any rational mature guy would have just agreed to this and be done with it, but him no.
  12. Yes, reinventmyself that is correct. I know you know the previous threads well and thank you for your advice as always. Yeah I guess legally I thought the same but emotionally I feel I have to pay him now, which I will be doing. I will post an update detailing tonight’s conversation
  13. we never discussed it because it wasn’t brought up before the split an exact figure. Just for expenses over there or maybe some meals out etc
  14. As in the emails are WORDED harassing. Harrassment is a charge, I mean his demeanour has became harrassing. I’m not going to the police for ‘harrassment’. It’s also a behaviour
  15. I never accused him of harassment or used that word in any thread. Ever. I just said he’s sending me emails after I blocked him on other platforms and legally I don’t know where I stand now after the break up
  16. He has been asking me in intimidating ways. For example I didn’t reply to the email sent yesterday as I didn’t see it. That was the email saying where is my money? Etc etc. And today he has sent another three which read ‘....?!’
  17. I mean as in the legal repercussions . I haven’t got a clue about court etc And that is really the last thing I want. And yes I am scared of him to the extent of who he knows too.
  18. I also agree with this too. As legally I know I don’t, but I genuinely am scared of who he knows. I know he wouldn’t do anything himself due to his career, but he knows some unsavoury characters from his past who would easily do something to me or my home. He also knows of course my addresses and my family’s. I financially can’t pay him upfront. I really just want to cut all ties with him so I think I feel too scared not to pay him. He did put me through hell but I guess I’m too scared of the repercussions of not paying him
  19. I completely feel the same, which is why I feel conflicted. Financially it’s impossible for me to pay upfront right now a long with maintain a house in London and the rest. He knows this. I guess I’m a similar sort of person and I will have to offer something. Even if I ‘legally’ owe it or not, I’m feeling too scared not to
  20. I guess it’s just gone this way now because we split. It’s confusing because it wasn’t officially started as a gift, he just booked it and said we’re going. Then I offered while over there and he said he’ll pay, then I said ok I’ll sort it upon returning and he said ok. Then we return, things turn nasty, now he’s demanding it upfront
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