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  1. Thank you everyone for the info, it's really helpful. I am going to have to take a bit of a break though i must say online dating can be quite addictive...... just to check who sent you that message :-) one other thing is you know there is this dress that i wear and i post that pic on my profile and it seems to be the picture that most people would say things like sexy etc.... although it's just a normal dress covering legs down to my knee and covering the top part of my arms but i guess the dress shows my physical attributes..... i mean where the waist is m where the hips ..... etc.... etc.... I am thinking i should replace that pic as if i am portrayed as sexy then , the first thing men think of would probably be sex which is not what i am looking for or would want to be seen as some kind of sex object. I want something much more than that and long term thing. Your welcome for any ideas, advice from the experts , i am a novice , thank you.
  2. What do you mean by stuck around long enough for him to do so .... do you mean to still stay online dating site until you found him? be patient? etc.... please clarify and the age for men. I personally think it is better to go for older guys because men are mature later then women at the same age. They know better what they really want the older they get as well and tend to still play the field .....
  3. Any step by step on online dating? now i'm really tired and have no idea what i am doing. Firstly : like the pictures Secondly : check out the profile Thirdly ..... etc... etc....
  4. I know i am currently feel a bit fed up and tired with dating .......
  5. This person i have been talking to for just a few sentences and he replied briefly 2 words reply. His profile mentions " Any non-fake profile here?" He asked to contact via Whatsapp which obviously would need telephone number from me given to him. I am a bit reluctant but still think that his profile looks like ticking my boxes . Would there be any danger in giving out the phone number at this stage? Anyone has experience this please share . Thanks
  6. Do you want her back? sounds like she misses you....
  7. Well he has been wanting to meet everyday but i just dont feel like that ,i feel it's hard work having to meet everyday so i told him maybe we should meet next week ..... I know he is now quite unhappy from the message he sent me as he is probably thinking i am meeting other guys but i am actually not, i'm just doing my daily routine stuffs ........
  8. I can almost guarantee that if this same man started treating your poorly, started playing games and keeping you guessing, like those "player" types you're drawn to, your feelings would change for him real fast. I don't think that will ever happen, I think he's gone, your announcing you don't feel chemistry drove him off and rightfully so, I only posted what I did to make a point. You've got some issues to resolve z, which you'd be wise to address assuming you truly want (and are emotionally capable of) a stable, healthy relationship with a kind, honest man versus a man who constantly keeps you guessing and on edge and who will never commit. No He said that we should see how things go. He has been wanting to meet me everyday and i feel it is too much as we just met and i still need time to think and also need some space. I think if i find him physically attractive , i would probably want to meet everyday but that might be the main reason as i still have to try to make myself see him attractive because he is not usuallly my type that i would go for . Apart from that he ticks all the boxes.
  9. He is friends with all of his exes and he is a nice guy so i dont mind also being friends on the same earth planet . At least we once used to care about each other so much.
  10. I think i miss him and still have some hope. Maybe that's the reason why it is so hard to like other people. I was trying to see if there is still hope with him as we didn't have any closure etc... I was the one who said we should be friend after he said sorry etc.... and i am unsure if he felt like i dumped him as he then has been on the silent mode and so was I. The whole thing was just unclear...
  11. do you think i should just forget about him? no contact at all?
  12. I find myself missing the shy guy i used to date. It was 2 years ago when i dated him but we only met 5 times during 12 months period as he was very busy with his work. We did text most of the time so it was more like a text messaging relationship for us. The very last time i texted him and told him that i loved him. He later texted me that he was sorry as he did not mean to hurt me. so i replied that we could be friend and we never texted each other again and it has been about 2-3 months now. I would love to find out how he is doing at least we could still be friend?
  13. It is not really easy to find someone that ticks all the boxes especially the person also have the feelings for you deeply. I dont know what to think when everyone seems to only wants sex nowadays and then jump on to the next person continuously. I lose faith with online dating and tired of it. That's what i am trying to do..... I mean trying to make it work with him and see how it grows. He is really sweet and so nice. I think it is very hard to find a guy like this in this days and age. Do you regret being with your other half? as you dont find him attractive physically at first?
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