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  1. I have immunodeficiencies as well as an inability to make progesterone (the hormone required for both fertilization and gestation). I had a nasty disease 5 months ago thanks to my exposure in my job that set this off. Otherwise, I might as well not have ovaries or a uterus according to 6 doctors. Several lawyers told me explicitly I can lose my baby. Whatever is in the child's best interest is what is preferred. I work 12-16 hours per day as dictated by our programs. He would be working a maximum of 8 for 4 days since he is almost done with residency. He owns a house/car/expansive bank account
  2. It isn't just because of his past or his parents (though both are very reasons). I'm afraid that what the lawyers told me they were concerned about will come true and I won't even be able to keep and raise my child. I wish it was easy for me to have a child, but I can't. I don't really find it short-sighted to not bother with birth control in a long-term relationship plus permanent (pretty confirmed) infertility. My main fear is losing custody of the baby and going bankrupt trying to keep custody in court. My parents were initially supportive until hearing what the lawyers had to say. Some say
  3. I was in a relationship with someone for a year and a half before discovering I was pregnant. This shouldn't have been possible as I was told by 6 doctors I would need IVF to conceive and extra help to continue the pregnancy despite before only in my mid to late twenties. Around the same time, I discovered that he'd had lots of hookups/said he was tricked into sleeping with a post-op transsexual (he's a surgical intern MD at the time)/all kinds of strange sexual escapades/etc... While I don't mind if others engage in it, I personally have been with one other person who I was married to. Our id
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